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Windows 8: Fix Incorrect System Time

Joe in Arizona, for many years a subscriber to Infopackets, recently sent us this question about Windows 8: "Hi there, I recently signed on to my Windows 8 computer and found the system time to be off by an hour. I'm based in Arizona, where we use ... Mountain Time but not daylight saving time. How can I get my system to properly update the time? Thanks for your help, Joe G." My Response: Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention, Joe. It turns out many users are having much the same kind of problem. Synchronizing with a Time Server Windows 8 is set up to get its time from an Internet- ... (view more)

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Infopackets Special Announcement

Dear Infopackets Readers, As many of you know, only promotes products we believe in -- products that not only work well, do what they say, but also make our lives easier. Ever since the infopackets web site opened its doors in May of ... 2001, we have faithfully promoted Computer Learning eBooks -- not only because they're fantastically easy to use, but also because they're fun to read. Simply put, NewbieClub eBooks are incredibly useful learning tools! With that said, today I received an important email from Joe Robson over at the Joe wanted me to ... (view more)

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