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Dear Infopackets Readers,

As many of you know, only promotes products we believe in -- products that not only work well, do what they say, but also make our lives easier.

Ever since the infopackets web site opened its doors in May of 2001, we have faithfully promoted Computer Learning eBooks -- not only because they're fantastically easy to use, but also because they're fun to read.

Simply put, NewbieClub eBooks are incredibly useful learning tools!

With that said, today I received an important email from Joe Robson over at the Joe wanted me to pass on the word that he's having a special "2-for-1" eBook sale: effective immediately and only until Tuesday, July 31st, 2007 (11:59PM EST).

Joe also wanted to to mention that he's never done anything like this in the 7 years that he's been online -- and if you've been with since the beginning, you can vouch for me: NewbieClub rarely ever, and I mean EVER! has an eBook sale. In fact, this one is the first of its kind!

Anyway -- rather than re-iterate the details, allow me to paste Joe's message as-is. It has some important information, so please pay close attention ;-)

Note: I should also mention that if you've never been to Newbie Club web site before, the eBook links are listed at the very top of the main page and all along the left hand side of the main page.

-- CUT -- Hi there, I have some fantastic news for you - really!

The Newbie Club has now been going for 7 years - yes seven whole years - and I have never once held a special sale of Newbie Club Branded products ...

Until now!

Look, I'm going to be straight with you. It's July and every year at this time Internet Publishers and offline retailers experience a slowdown in sales. It's part of life.

Up until now I have never done anything to counteract this, but this year is different. Because I have decided to run a 'Buy 1 Get 1 Free' promotion, or as I call it a '2 for 1' promotion.

OK, I want to see if I can counteract the sales slowdown somewhat, and the best way to do that is to make you an offer you cannot refuse. And this offer GUARANTEES that we BOTH benefit.

That's right, we will BOTH benefit from this very first Special Offer I have ever created for The Newbie Club. -------- Here's How It Works --------- Simply put ... Purchase ANY Newbie Club Product listed on the Website at  and claim a SECOND Newbie Club product of the same value or less ABSOLUTELY FREE!

In other words ...

You BUY 1 - you get 1 FREE.

I said you BUY 1 - you get 1 FREE!

Did you get that because I still cannot believe I'm doing this?

You BUY 1 - you get 1 FREE!

Every time I read that phrase I start to sweat a bit, because to be honest I'm a bit nervous about doing this in case too many Free products are claimed and my future sales are be affected. I want to keep this simple so I have not prepared any special sale pages or installed any fancy software. Just purchase your product in the normal way and then email me your receipt and tell me which FREE product you require. My Support Team will email you the download link with 72 hours.

It's as simple as that! The Newbie Club Brand is famous all over the Internet, and our products are recognized as the finest of their kind on the 'net. And for the first time ever, you now have the rare opportunity to grab TWO products for the price of ONE!

BUT, But, But. (isn't there always a 'But'?)

This once in a lifetime (7 years actually) Special will definitely END Tuesday, July 31st, 2007 (11:59PM EST)!

With One Proviso ...

If demand gets too high, I reserve the right to end the promotion BEFORE that date. Because if I give away too many products then obviously future sales will downturn too far and I will lose in the long term.

Doesn't that make sense? So in effect, this Special Offer could be withdrawn at ANY time between now and the 31st July 2007. 1 Day? 3 Days? 5 Days?

Quite honestly your guess is as good as mine because I have no past  Special Offers of Newbie Club Branded products to guide me!

That ain't BS. it's plain fact. I'm simply protecting my business by not giving away the store. ------- Here's the simple rules ------ 1. Offer only applies to NEWBIE CLUB BRANDED products listed at the official Website and purchased between NOW and the published deadline, but I reserve the right to END the promotion at any time before that published deadline.

2. Purchase ANY Newbie Club Branded Product and claim a complimentary second Newbie Club Branded Product of equal or lesser value.

Example: Purchase Windows for Newbies at $34.95 and claim any other single Newbie Club Product valued at $34.95 or less.

NOT; Purchase Registry for Newbies for $29.95 and claim multiple other products that add up to $29.95 in total - gimme a break!

NOT; Keyboard Magic for $9.95 and try to claim First Website Builder valued at $39.95.

2. Email your receipt to with '241 Claim' in the Subject, and list your preferred complimentary product in the body of the email. Be Specific! REPEAT; Email your receipt to 3. State whether you need Win 98 or XP version where applicable

4. As with most promotions of this kind whether Online or Offline, NO claims relating to products purchased before today's date will be considered and will be ignored.

5. To avoid giving away too many products which will affect future sales, we reserve the right to change the published closing date and end this offer at any time by emailing notice to this email address. Non receipt of that notice by you will not be considered a viable reason to dispute the modified closing date.

6. 7. Because of the anticipated heavy demand, please allow at least 72 hours for our Support Team to manually process your request and send you your complimentary download link.

So there you have it my friend, your chance to benefit from the very first Newbie Club 2-for-1 offer ever issued is yours for the taking.

No hype. No BS. No wild claims about the credibility of The Newbie Club Brand. That is undisputed! This is a genuine opportunity for you to grab TWO Branded and PROVEN successful products for the price of ONE! Established Products which are being used by tens of thousands of Newbies around the world!

A genuine Win-Win opportunity for both of us!

Keep smilin' my friend and go get yours NOW!  

Joe Robson.

P.S. As I have never ran a promotion of this kind before with such highly respected branded products, I am VERY NERVOUS that too heavy a demand may jeopardize my future sales, and I do NOT intend to give away the whole store! So I reserve the right to cancel this offer at any time BEFORE the published closing date, whether that be in 1 day, 3 days or whatever. So grab yours NOW and beat my nervous trigger finger! Click here to go to now!

And don't forget to forward this terrific offer to your friends too!

-- CUT --

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