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Hacker Gives Away 272 Million Stolen Accounts for $1

Stolen usernames and passwords from Yahoo, Google and Microsoft's webmail services are reportedly being traded by Russian criminals. They are said to be among a batch of 272.3 million accounts, though most are from a popular Russian service. The ... trade has been revealed by Hold Security in a discussion with Reuters. Hold's founder says his staff uncovered the batch when trawling an online forum used by hackers. The person who provided the information claimed he had a total of 1.17 billion records, but agreed to hand over a portion of them. It seems that while many criminals buy and ... (view more)

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Conceiva NetRanger Review

Synopsis: Want to know what's happening to your computer while it's connected to the Internet? Designed for both new and experienced users, NetRanger is *the ultimate* companion for getting detailed knowledge about your computer's network and about ... internet web sites, hosts and IP addresses -- and is also a fantastic tool for analyzing a potential Spyware attack! Advanced features such as ping, trace route, whois, host and port scanning, finger and POP mail checking are all integrated into an easy-to-use interface. If you're always on the Internet, NetRanger is a must-have tool! NetRanger: ... (view more)

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