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Synopsis: Want to know what's happening to your computer while it's connected to the Internet? Designed for both new and experienced users, NetRanger is *the ultimate* companion for getting detailed knowledge about your computer's network and about internet web sites, hosts and IP addresses -- and is also a fantastic tool for analyzing a potential Spyware attack! Advanced features such as ping, trace route, whois, host and port scanning, finger and POP mail checking are all integrated into an easy-to-use interface. If you're always on the Internet, NetRanger is a must-have tool!

NetRanger: Screenshots

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NetRanger: Features Breakdown

  • Ping tool
  • Trace Route tool
  • Host Lookup tool
  • Internet time synchronizer
  • Whois tool
  • Finger Unix hosts tool
  • Host and port scanning tool
  • Check POP mail accounts
  • Manage dialup connections
  • Quote of the day tool
  • Monitor network settings
  • All fully integrated

NetRanger: Details

  • View detailed information about your computer's network settings: NetRanger tells you everything about your computer's network settings. You can find out who is connected to your computer and what ports they are using. Watch network traffic so you know exactly what communication is occurring between your computer and other hosts.
  • Discover everything about internet hosts: NetRanger contains all the tools you need to find out about internet hosts. Whois tells you the owners of web sites, their contacts, domain names and IP address assignments. Host Lookup tells you the host name of an IP address. Finger tells you about the login accounts on a host.
  • Ping hosts to diagnose connection issues: NetRanger contains a compete Ping and Trace Route tool that lets you check if your internet connection is working, that a particular host is available, and determine the speed of your internet connection.
  • Scan the internet for active hosts and ports: NetRanger can scan the internet so you can learn what hosts and ports are active. Ping Scan lets you ping a range of IP addresses to check for active IP addresses. Port Scan lets you scan a host to find out what services are provided and what ports are open.
  • NetRanger will check all your POP email accounts for you: If you have a POP or web email accounts, then you'll love NetRanger. It will check all your email accounts in the background and notify you when you have received new email.
  • Manage and monitor all your ISP dialup connections: NetRanger contains an easy-to-use and powerful dialup tool that can help you to manage all of your dialup connections.
  • No Adware or Spyware: NetRanger does not contain any Spyware or Adware. You will never be annoyed by banner ads or have your personal information captured and sent to web servers.

NetRanger: Download

NetRanger is free to try and $29.95 to buy.

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