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Automatically Align Tables To Formatting In Page Layout: MS Word

When you have a document that contains tables and you decide to change the page setup, by default, tables will not change their width to match your formatting. For instance, say you have created a table that extends from the 1.0" page margin on the ... left to the 1.0" page margin on the right. Should you decide to change the margins to 0.5", the table moves to the left. You could try to reposition your table by clicking and dragging the table borders so they continue to extend to the right margin or you could try formatting the columns and their contents to achieve that result. ... (view more)

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Creating Marginal Blocks of Text: MS Word

You have just finished a huge massive document when you're told that a block of text, such as the word "Confidential," needs to appear in the right margin for each page of your Word document. Learn how Word's Header and Text Box features make it ... easy to add this text to your documents. When you need to display the same block of text (i.e. DRAFT, CONFIDENTIAL, COPY) on every page, you can place it in a header or footer. However, it becomes more complicated if you want to display the text in a specific section of the pages, such as the right margin or the middle of every page. ... (view more)

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Set Margins: MS Word

The blank area around the edges of a page is the margin, and you can control how much or how little space you leave there. Of course, you can't run the text all the way from edge to edge on the page, although it would certainly save paper. Imagine ... reading a novel with no margin: even if it cost less, it wouldn't be worth the eye strain. Setting generous margins is a great way to make a document easy on the eyes when reading. Typical business letters allow for at least an inch on all sides, and newsletters require as little as 0.25 inch because they divide the page into smaller elements. In ... (view more)

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