Automatically Align Tables To Formatting In Page Layout: MS Word

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When you have a document that contains tables and you decide to change the page setup, by default, tables will not change their width to match your formatting. For instance, say you have created a table that extends from the 1.0" page margin on the left to the 1.0" page margin on the right. Should you decide to change the margins to 0.5", the table moves to the left.

You could try to reposition your table by clicking and dragging the table borders so they continue to extend to the right margin or you could try formatting the columns and their contents to achieve that result. But why waste all that time when you could have Word automatically reposition it for you.

Before you make any changes to your page setup, follow the steps below:

  1. Click just to the left of your table and drag to select it.
  2. Once your table has been selected, right-click and scroll to Autofit and then select AutoFit to Window.

MS Word will now automatically adjust your table width to any margin or page orientation format editing. With the Autofit to Window feature enabled, you can use tables to keep your header and footer text properly aligned. Thus, instead of using tab formatting, use a table set to Autofit to Window to automatically center or right-align the contents of a header or footer.

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