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'Bootable Movies On Cd', and 'Alfa Clock'

Bootable Movies On Cd Create a CD or DVD image that contains video files. You can put as much video content as will fit on the bootable CD or DVD. You can also add music files (MP3 and Ogg Vorbis are supported) or other types of content that can be ... played by the MPlayer media player included with eMoviX. This micro Linux distribution is geared specifically for playing movies. It doesn't contain much more than a mini Linux distribution (created using User-Mode Linux and Debian packages) and MPlayer (to play the movies). All the software uses only about 10MB of the disk space on the CD. http:// ... (view more)

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PQ DVD to iPod Video Converter Review

Synopsis: Turn your iPod into a portable media center! With as little as 2 simple clicks, PQ DVD to iPod Video Converter can convert movies and video (DVD, DiVX, AVI, MPEG, etc) directly to iPod Video format and then transfer them directly to your ... iPod! PQ DVD to iPod Video Converter not only features super fast conversion speed with high quality output, but also boasts advanced video editing features that allow you to control the video size of your movies (and thus allow you to store more movies on your iPod). PQ DVD to iPod Video Converter: Features Automatically choose best Resolution: The ... (view more)

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Movie Collector Review

Synopsis: Are you a self-proclaimed film fanatic? Do you own so many movies that it sometimes takes 30 minutes just to find 'the right' selection? In that case, you need Movie Collector! Movie Collector is an organized, automated movie database ... system that is designed to help you catalog your collection of DVDs, DivX files, VHS tapes, and more! Adding movies to the database is quick and easy -- with virtually no typing necessary! Just enter in the movie title and Movie Collector will automatically download all information from various sources on the Internet (like IMDb and DVD Empire), ... (view more)

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Watch downloaded movies on DVD player?

Infopackets Reader Barbara B. writes: " Hi Dennis, Again, thanks for all of your hard work on your great newsletter, which is so much help for so many people. Now, my husband has a question regarding playback of downloaded DVD videos, movies, etc. ... He can download and burn these videos and can play them back on the computer. However, the problem is that we cannot play the movies on our DVD equipment (hooked up to your family television set). What is involved in this? Is there some kind of solution? Thanks so much for any assistance you might be able to give us. " My response: The ... (view more)

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Video Edit Magic Review

Editing home movies with a PC is possibly one of the greatest achievements of modern computing. Over the years, families across the globe have collected untold hours of video footage. Until digital editing became affordable, an easy way to share ... those movies didn't exist. Only a few years ago, the software and hardware required for video editing cost thousands of dollars, which didn't include additional costs for training. Prices for entry level video editing apps are now well under $100, but product quality varies greatly. One of the best and most affordable video editing apps for beginners ... (view more)

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Watch downloaded VCD movies from Kazaa on TV?

The last newsletter sparked some interesting discussion from readers. George P. from Lakeland, Florida asks: " I have created my own downloaded CD Discs that contain movies I got from Kazaa. They play absolutely perfectly on my monitor, but I'd like ... to be able to play them on my 27 inch TV. How can I play the same VCD on my TV instead of on my monitor? " My Response: There's a few things I need to address before answering George's question. First of all, George made reference to something called a VCD, which is an acronym for "Video CD." Video CDs have been around for ... (view more)


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