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Redmond Beckons: Microsoft Invites Mozilla to Work With Vista

Despite their competition with one another in the world of web browsers, Microsoft has reportedly invited the folks from Mozilla to its headquarters in Redmond, Washington for an information session designed to make Firefox (and other software ... products) more compatible with Vista. Like any operating system (OS), Vista will be successful or unsuccessful depending on the software it can run problem-free. Although Mozilla and Microsoft provide a fierce rivalry for one another with Firefox and Internet Explorer, respectively, the Redmond-based company clearly realizes that more people will ... (view more)

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Mozilla Firefox 2.0 Delayed Until October

As Internet Explorer 7 ushers in some surprising positive reviews for industry giant Microsoft, Mozilla has announced that its Firefox 2.0 browser will be delayed until at least mid-October. The re-scheduling of Firefox 2.0 means that Mozilla's new ... web crawler won't be ready this month, greatly disappointing a growing fan base. Mozilla: Growing in Popularity Once an underground cult favorite for its security features that, for the most part, improved on many Microsoft faults, Mozilla's Firefox browser is constantly growing in popularity. In total, most sources estimate that Firefox now ... (view more)

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Firefox 2 Beta Download: Coming Soon

Just as Internet Explorer 7 is receiving some much-needed positive early reviews for Microsoft, Mozilla recently announced that the beta version of Firefox 2 will be available later this week. It is the first beta of the new browser released, and ... Mozilla hopes it will tempt software developers seeking to take advantage of updates to the original Firefox platform. Much of the purpose behind the beta download stems from Mozilla's hope that the new extensions in Firefox 2 are compatible with those used in the previous version. (Source: ) Firefox 2: What's New? Although Mozilla is ... (view more)

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Firefox Update Fixes 13 Security Vulnerabilities

Mozilla recently released a new update of its Firefox Web browser, version The update is to fix 13 security holes. Mozilla stated that at least five of these vulnerabilities could let attackers install software via the web without the ... knowledge from the user. Other security fixes included: privilege escalation, file stealing, buffer overflow, and potential memory corruption. (Source: ) For those not familiar with the Mozilla name or the Firefox line of web browsers: Firefox is a free, standards-based Web browser with support for multiple platforms, including ... (view more)

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Which web browser is the most secure?

Infopackets Reader Suzanne 'arial0197' writes: " Dear Dennis, I thoroughly enjoy your newsletters! Every day I find myself at your website browsing through the older issues to learn something new. I don't have a dilemma for you today, but would be ... very grateful to hear your opinion on what you think is the best web browser. In the last few months, I started using Mozilla Firefox. I absolutely love the 'tabbed browsing' feature that enables me to open up and flip to another web site without having umpteen different browser Windows opened up in my tray bar. Prior to Firefox, I used ... (view more)

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Use RoboForm with Mozilla or Netscape?

Infopackets Reader Peg M. asks: " Dear Dennis, Yesterday, I read your article on RoboForm. I use the Mozilla Firebird browser and was wondering: how can I install RoboForm installed on Firebird instead of Internet Explorer (which is used by ... default)? " My Response: For those of you who are just tuning in: RoboForm is a free web Browser 'plug-in' replacement for Internet Explorer's AutoComplete form feature. Some features of the free version include: Save / auto fill password info from login form, Automatic login to online accounts, Fill long online forms from Identities, and more. ... (view more)

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Alternative to Internet Explorer and its security flaws?

2018/01/13 Update: If you'd like to learn about the most secure options then check out this guide on secure browsers by Die Hard Infopackets Reader Ted B. writes: " I have Internet Explorer (IE) 6.0 with Service Pack 1 installed. My ... Internet Service Provider (ISP) is Juno, and it comes with a web browser (version 5.0, build 33). I recently downloaded Netscape version 7.0. Yesterday I received word (via LockerGnome's newsletter) that I needed to go to the Microsoft Windows Update web site to download a fix for a recently discovered security vulnerability in Internet Explorer ... (view more)


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