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Google Chromecast Brings Internet Video to Your TV

Google has unveiled a $35 plug-in device that brings online video to your television. It's intended to provide an alternative to expensive set-top boxes and video game consoles. The Chromecast works with a range of online services -- such as YouTube ... and Netflix -- but will also play any video you can access through a web browser. The device is only a couple of inches long and has no buttons. It plugs into an HDMI port on your television and has a small USB socket for supplying power. The Chromecast also has built-in WiFi that connects to your Internet router. You can then control it through ... (view more)

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Google Uncertain with Future of Online Video

Google's vice president for content partnerships, David Eun, recently revealed in an interview that Google is just as perplexed as the rest of the world with respect to the future of online video. Many were shocked when Google paid over one and ... three quarters of a billion dollars to acquire the emmensly popular YouTube web portal. Notably so. And yet, one might assume that in order for Google to make such a large purchase, the company must have had some prediction as to where things may lead. However, the opposite may be true. Eun admits that analysts have been unable to determine both the ... (view more)

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BitTorrent: Small Media Distributor to Topple Online Movie Giants

BitTorrent has secured a series of high-profiled agreements that will likely transform their company into a household name. The budding online video distributors are looking to make a major impact by signing deals with Paramount, MTV and 20th ... Century Fox, among other lesser known studios. BitTorrent is a peer-assisted digital content delivery service that enables registered users to publish and download content from a list of popular movies, music, games and other entertainment media. (Source: ) The company has already acquired the rights to distribute content from Warner Bros. ... (view more)

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