BitTorrent: Small Media Distributor to Topple Online Movie Giants

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BitTorrent has secured a series of high-profiled agreements that will likely transform their company into a household name. The budding online video distributors are looking to make a major impact by signing deals with Paramount, MTV and 20th Century Fox, among other lesser known studios.

BitTorrent is a peer-assisted digital content delivery service that enables registered users to publish and download content from a list of popular movies, music, games and other entertainment media. (Source:

The company has already acquired the rights to distribute content from Warner Bros. Studios; a deal that began earlier this year.

BitTorrent enters the online video market among a flurry of competition. Apple, AT&T and Microsoft are only a few of the rival companies BitTorrent must endure on their road to financial success.

Apple has just recently introduced their own movie downloading system, while AT&T offers a similar service that is exclusive to their DSL and satellite TV customers. Microsoft has also secured deals with Warner Bros. and Paramount which allows movies to be downloaded and watched on the Xbox 360 game console. (Source:

The recent influx in media agreements occurs because movie and television executives are now recognizing that people are spending a significant portion of their leisure time playing online video games and surfing the Internet, instead of watching movies or television programs.

Likewise, major music companies are only now beginning to accept the digital distribution of their music and are finding ways to maximize their profits while combating music piracy.

Analysts were shocked to learn that the major movie and television companies have agreed to establish a business relationship with BitTorrent, after the company had established a poor reputation of being one of the major distributors of pirated movies and television programs. (Source:

BitTorrent has responded to these remarks, claiming that these new agreements provide a tremendous opportunity for the company to establish a more reputable way of distributing their media content.

One major drawback of the BitTorrent service (in addition to now having to pay for it) is that the downloaded content can only be viewed on one computer and cannot be transferred to a portable device. The company hopes to make their service transferable in the near future. (Source:

While the recent high-profiled deals have given BitTorrent a significant lead on their competitors, the company must continue to make all necessary improvements before the services of Apple and Microsoft far surpass them.

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