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Organize Favorites in Internet Explorer

Today's Feature Article about Sorting Favorites in Internet Explorer spurred some further thoughts about organization. I decided to write a separate "how to" article in this section of the newsletter because the two topics -- although slightly ... related -- deserve separate space. Cleaning up items: using Explorer instead of the Organize Favorites option I mentioned earlier that there is an option in the Favorites Menu which allows for the manual manipulation of bookmarks. The Organize Favorites option houses 4 basic operations: Create Folder, Rename, Delete, and Move to Folder. ... (view more)

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Internet Explorer download Window disappeared?, Part 2

Last week, Dee N. had a question concerning the Internet Explorer download-dialogue box: " On the download Window, there is an option for 'Always ask before opening this type of file'. Well, I accidentally Unchecked this option -- and now, all my ... .ZIP files open automatically after each download completes! How can I turn this option back on? " My Response: I didn't know the answer to this question, so I asked Infopackets Readers for help. Mike K. [and about 40 other readers] informed me that the 'Always ask before opening ... ' option for .ZIP files can be resolved through modifying ... (view more)

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Show All Programs in Start Menu?

Robert G. sent me this question: " There appears to be a limit to the number of programs that can be listed in the Windows XP Start Menu [start button] when using Classic View. Is there a way to increase the number of programs that can be displayed ... at one time, without having to click that double arrow at the bottom of the Window? " My response:I also use the Classic View for my Start Menu ... and it bugs me when I have to constantly click on that double arrow to show all contents. As far as I know, the Expand [Documents, Pictures, ... Printers] option allows you to view all ... (view more)


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