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Today's Feature Article about Sorting Favorites in Internet Explorer spurred some further thoughts about organization. I decided to write a separate "how to" article in this section of the newsletter because the two topics -- although slightly related -- deserve separate space.

Cleaning up items: using Explorer instead of the Organize Favorites option

I mentioned earlier that there is an option in the Favorites Menu which allows for the manual manipulation of bookmarks. The Organize Favorites option houses 4 basic operations: Create Folder, Rename, Delete, and Move to Folder. However, each of these options are severely restricted by the fact that only 1 object can be manipulated at a time.

A while back, I stumbled upon the 'Explore' feature when I accidentally right-clicked on a Favorites Folder (under the Favorites Menu). Curious of what might happen, I clicked the Explore option and a new Explorer Window appeared with all my favorites listed in "file format" on the right side of the screen.

The fact that the objects were now listed in an Explorer window allows for quick-and-easy change, especially since more than one object at a time may be manipulated.

How to execute Explorer from the Favorites Menu

  1. Load Internet Explorer
  2. Click the Favorites Menu
  3. Right-click any folder in the list to bring up a new Dialogue Menu
  4. Select the menu option 'Explore'
  5. Use the left side of the Explorer Window to navigate up 1 directory level to the main "Favorites" folder.

Additional notes

The Explore option won't be shown unless you right-click over top of a Folder. If you don't have a Folder present in your Favorites menu, you can create one by visiting the Favorites Menu, select Organize Favorites, and create a new folder. You can also execute Explorer from the Organize Favorites menu.

Use Caution!

Since the Explorer view provides a "raw" directory view of actual files which reside on your system, please use caution when moving files. Moving the "wrong" file to the "wrong" folder can compromise functionality of your system.

This shouldn't be too difficult, especially if you remain within the main Favorites folder.

"Other" Favorites Folders

Depending on your Windows configuration, you may have more than 1 folder that contains favorites. If this is the case, it should be noted that using Explorer from the Favorites Menu always places a user in the proper directory automatically: depending on who is logged into the system. Any manipulation outside of the "home" Favorites Folder will result in changes to the other user accounts who share the same PC.

Is there a simpler way to do this?

Perhaps there is a freeware utility floating around on the Internet somewhere that can sort and organize favorites just as easy as an Explorer Window does -- without the need to "flip" through dialogue menus, or worry of accidentally moving the wrong file. If you know of such a program (freeware), please email me and I'll include it in the next edition of this newsletter.

Update 2003/04/01: This article has been updated. Click here to read!

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