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Set a Print Area in MS Excel

To ensure that you print only the area of your spreadsheet that is necessary, use the Set Print Area in MS Excel. Follow the instructions below to learn how: Click and drag to select the region of the spreadsheet that you would like to print. Click ... File | Print Area | Set Print Area. The Print Area has now been set. To clear the Print area: Click File | Print Area | Clear Print Area. This should clear the Print Area and reset MS Excel back to its default print settings. When you become a member at, you have access to this and many, many more articles that include ... (view more)

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Clearing the Print Area in MS Excel

You have learned in the past how to set a print area within a worksheet. This area is used to define exactly what range you want to print. Sometime later, you may want to delete this print area. To clear up any confusion, I am talking about getting ... rid of the special area designation, not the information contained within that area. Follow the steps below to clear the print area: Select Print Area from the File menu. Excel displays a submenu. Select Clear Print Area from the submenu. If you are using Excel 2007, you clear the print area following the steps below: Display the Page Setup tab of ... (view more)

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