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How to Fix: Cannot Remove System Mechanic (Manual Uninstall)

Infopackets Reader Gina F. writes: " Dear Dennis, Over the weekend my nephew visited me and I let him use my computer. Today I went to use the PC and now I have a program called System Mechanic alerting me of 2093 errors on my PC that need to be ... fixed. I've closed the warning window, but System Mechanic keeps popping up in my face. I've also tried to 'fix' the 'errors', but then it says I need to pay to do that. Smells like a scam to me! I have tried to uninstall system mechanic via control panel, but every time I try, I get an error that it cannot remove system mechanic . I have searched ... (view more)

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How to Fix: Remove Smart System Care Malware (Scam)

Infopackets Reader John B. writes: " Dear Dennis, I am running Windows 10 and every once in a while I receive a popup notification from ' Smart System Care ' that I have errors on my PC and I need to remove them. It then says that if I want to ... remove the problem I have to pay money. I realize this program is most likely a scam, and I tried to remove it from my system but it is nowhere to be found. I have researched the problem using Google however there are so many posts and many steps, and it seems very convoluted. Can you please help? " My response: I asked John if he would like me to ... (view more)

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Microsoft and State of Washington Spook Scareware Fiends

Tired of those messages kindly informing you that "YOUR REGISTRY IS DAMAGED" or "YOUR SYSTEM IS CORRUPTED"? That kind of practice is commonly referred to as "scareware" in the tech industry, and those companies that employ it are regarded as the ... least reliable software firms. Thankfully, industry powerhouse Microsoft and the State of Washington continue their full-on campaign determined to root out and destroy scareware firms. According to a statement issued Monday, the Washington State Attorney General's office announced another lawsuit in a joint campaign with Microsoft that has lasted for ... (view more)

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PowerUp XP Platinum 2 Review

Great news! Just this past Wednesday, I received wind that Ashampoo has released their flagship tweak utility, "Powerup XP Platinum", version 2. Reminder: What is Ashampoo PowerUp XP Platinum? PowerUp XP Platinum takes the hassle out of optimizing ... and fine-tuning a Windows PC and combines everything into one easy to use, tidy package. Rated 5/5 by the editor's at, PowerUp XP Platinum 2 includes all the powerful features that made its predecessor the favorite tuning tool of many Windows users -- plus it adds many new terrific and unique features that yield even more ... (view more)

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WinOptimizer Platinum Suite

Most programs I review only do one or two specialized things, and they're usually pretty good at what they do. However, today I came across a multi-purpose optimization utility program that impressed the pants off me. The utility I'm referring to is ... called WinOptimizer Platinum Suite, and it contains an incredible package of cleanup tools designed to keep Windows lean, mean, and running smoothly. WinOptimizer Platinum Suite: a New Successor Ashampoo WinOptimizer Platinum Suite is the new successor to the already hugely popular Ashampoo WinOptimizer Suite. With an all-new interface and many ... (view more)

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