PowerUp XP Platinum 2 Review

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Great news!

Just this past Wednesday, I received wind that Ashampoo has released their flagship tweak utility, "Powerup XP Platinum", version 2.

Reminder: What is Ashampoo PowerUp XP Platinum?

PowerUp XP Platinum takes the hassle out of optimizing and fine-tuning a Windows PC and combines everything into one easy to use, tidy package.

Rated 5/5 by the editor's at Download.com, PowerUp XP Platinum 2 includes all the powerful features that made its predecessor the favorite tuning tool of many Windows users -- plus it adds many new terrific and unique features that yield even more control and customization.

" You could duplicate most of PowerUp XP's features by grubbing around in the Windows Registry -- but why bother? PowerUp XP packs a huge array of useful settings into a compact, tabbed window. Want to disable the blinking text cursor? No problem. Hide the icons on your desktop? Piece of cake. Tweaking is as easy as marking a check box or changing a numeric value. You'll never lack context-sensitive help, and you can save your settings in case you need to roll back changes. For advanced users, there's even an editor for modifying built-in tweaks and creating new ones ... Straightforward and safe, yet quite flexible, PowerUp XP will catch the eye of beginners and experienced users alike. " (Source: Download.com)

PowerUp XP Platinum 2: Sample Screenshots

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Ashampoo PowerUp XP Platinum 2: Features Overview

  • Windows System Optimization and Fine Tuning: all in one package.
  • One-click quick tuning, or access hundreds of individual tweaks.
  • Save tweaking Profiles and use later.
  • Excellent help system explains all tweaks in-depth in simple English.
  • Access Multiple Desktops on the same machine (with instant switching).
  • Startup Manager (control which programs start at boot).
  • Registry Cleaner and File Wiper.
  • Advanced Security and Privacy Settings.
  • Taskbar Access Icon to access all tools.

XP Platinum 2: System Optimizing Features

  • Registry Cleaner: Over time, installed programs can severely gunk up your System Registry, resulting in lost performance. XP Platinum 2's registry cleaner can eliminate registry bloat by removing redundant entries, resulting in a smoother running system.
  • Virtual Memory Optimizer: Adjust the settings of your hard disk cache for maximum efficiency and performance.
  • Tasks and Processes Control: View all running tasks and processes and adjust their priority for optimum performance.
  • Startup Manager: Sick of programs starting automatically with Windows without telling you? Take control with the Boot Options controller and shave *minutes* off your boot time.
  • Hard disk performance optimization: View and improve the settings that control how your hard drives are accessed.
  • MS Office and Outlook tuning: Configure hard-to find Office settings and control Outlook attachments permissions.

XP Platinum 2: Fine Tuning Features

  • One-click tuning: Instantly tweak your system using pre-configured scenarios: whether it's for Office and Desktop publishing, gaming, media editing, or full-blown resource optimization. One click is all you need!
  • Super Fine Tuning: Access hundreds of configuration options! The comprehensive one-click help system details *every* option so you know exactly what you're doing!
  • Control Secret Windows functions: Many of the options you can configure with XP Platinum 2 would be otherwise difficult or next-to-impossible to find if you were to change them directly within Windows.
  • Privacy Control: View and control Windows functions that are critical for your security and privacy.
  • Windows XP SP2 support: View and adjust many new Windows XP SP2 functions.

XP Platinum 2: Desktop and Information Management

  • Multiple Desktops: A very welcome feature! With PowerUp SwitchDesk you can open additional desktops and switch between them. It's like having three, four, five or more computers! Open your work programs on one desktop and your private programs on another desktop, and then switch between them!
  • Click-and-send Support Reports: Support hotlines often ask you for "details of your computer and operating system". What a drag! Now all you need is the easy-to-use click-and-send Support Reports feature. Just select Support Reports, click on the components you want to report on (Graphics Display, Drives, Operating System etc.), enter an email address and send. It's ready in seconds and it includes all the information that support staff need in order to troubleshoot.
  • Windows XP firewall monitoring: Windows XP now has its own firewall but you never know what it's doing or how it's set up. Ashampoo PowerUp XP Platinum 2 includes a new XP firewall monitoring module that explains all the important XP firewall settings and Internet connections.
  • File Wiper: Wipe sensitive files completely from your hard disk so that not even data recovery experts can find their contents.
  • SysInfo Tools: View all the information about all the components in your computer.
  • Taskbar Control Center: Access all the PowerUp XP Platinum 2 tools whenever you need them with a handy taskbar tool.

Store profiles for quick changes: Save your own configurations as "profiles" and reload them whenever you like. Enables you to reconfigure your entire computer in seconds.

PowerUp XP Platinum 2: Compatibility

Ashampoo PowerUp XP Platinum 2 works with Windows 2000, XP and 2003 Server.


Ashampoo delivers once again with their latest version of PowerUp XP Platinum. Version 2's interface has a much cleaner, colorful, and stylish than its predecessor -- and of course, it's all put together in a easy to use, well designed package. Aside from the endless tweaking and customizing, what sets XP Platinum 2 aside from similar programs on the market is the comprehensive one-click help system which answers the "how" and "why" of tweaking. For this reason, PowerUp XP Platinum 2 is sure to please both novice and power users.

PowerUp XP Platinum 2: Virtual Tour

Click here to see a quick virtual tour of PowerUp XP Platinum 2 [1.9 meg download, no browser plugin required].

Ashampoo PowerUp XP Platinum: Download

PowerUp XP Platinum costs $49.95. However --

Ashampoo is offering all Infopackets Readers a *very* special offer. Starting right now, you can download PowerUp XP Platinum 2 for 35% off the retail price. Act now and pay only $32.50!

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