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'Is it Really THAT Good?' -- RegistryBooster Q&A from Readers

After submitting yesterday's review of RegistryBooster , there has been a flood of comments from readers. Infopackets Reader Denise N. writes: " I have been a long time fan of your pages and advice, and like you, have been enjoying Registry Mechanic ... for some while. My question is will Registry Booster be OK to run on the same machine as Registry Mechanic -- or to put it simply, will the two programmes clash with each other? I would really appreciate an early reply and thanks again for your terrific advice which I pass on to friends who have an open mind! Thanks. " Similarly, David L. wrote ... (view more)

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RegistryBooster Review

If you know me personally, then you might say that I'm a creature of habit. The clothes in my closet all look similar (except they're different colors); my entire house is painted the same color, and on the weekends, I go to the same local pub to ... meet up with the same friends -- week in, and week out. So you might say I live a simple life, and things are pretty habitual. Well, the same can be said about the type of software I choose to review and recommend to our readers. I typically look for stuff that does what it says, is competitive in the marketplace, and adds value to the overall PC ... (view more)

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