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If you know me personally, then you might say that I'm a creature of habit. The clothes in my closet all look similar (except they're different colors); my entire house is painted the same color, and on the weekends, I go to the same local pub to meet up with the same friends -- week in, and week out.

So you might say I live a simple life, and things are pretty habitual.

Well, the same can be said about the type of software I choose to review and recommend to our readers. I typically look for stuff that does what it says, is competitive in the marketplace, and adds value to the overall PC experience: whether it's a system optimizer, a PC cleaner, or an all-in-one wonder utility.

This week's software review is no different, except that I've decided to break one of my habits, so to speak. Normally I don't stray from recommending the same program over and over again -- and if you're subscribed to the email newsletter, you've undoubtedly noticed that fact. However, once in a while, something new comes along that catches my interest, and that causes me to re-evaluate the situation.

This time, I'm reviewing RegistryBooster by UniBlue: the same people who make SpeedUpMyPC, WinBackup, and WinTasks. So let's hop to it, shall we?

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First of all, what is RegistryBooster?

Quite simply: RegistryBooster is an easy to use utility that lets you remove faulty Registry entries that slow down your computer.

This may not sound too exciting, but allow me to explain in greater detail what the Registry is and why it's critically important to keep it maintained.

System Registry: The Basics

The Registry (also known as "The Windows Registry", or "The System Registry") is a huge database that Windows uses to keep track of your personal settings, program data, installed applications, and the like. Basically, anything you do on your computer requires the Registry.

For example: if you load a program, the Registry is accessed. If you sign on to the Internet, your Registry is accessed. If you uninstall a program, your Registry is accessed ... and so on.

Suffice it to say: the more data held in the Registry, the more system memory ("RAM") and processing power required to process this data -- and subsequently, the longer it takes to do just about anything on your PC.

How does the Registry deteriorate over time?

As programs are installed and uninstalled to your system, their information gets added to the Registry. Sometimes, however, programs inject incorrect data into the Registry (usually the fault of the software author). Furthermore, some programs don't remove themselves from the Registry after they are uninstalled. This not only causes Registry bloat, but it can also lead to strange error messages, system lockups, and worse yet -- a sluggish PC that has to process heaps and heaps of redundant and useless information held in the Registry.

Have you ever wondered why your PC ran so smooth when you first brought it home -- brand spanking new? And have you ever wondered why it doesn't perform like it once did? The answer is that your Registry needs a little TLC -- and RegistryBooster is the answer.

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RegistryBooster: Features

RegistryBooster is one of the the safest and most trusted solutions from a leading software vendor: UniBlue (a Microsoft Certified Partner). With RegistryBooster, you can:

  • Maintain a Healthy Registry: Avoid crashes, seizures, slow downs and error messages.
  • Clean your system and boost performance: Boost system performance by cleaning out all missing, unwanted, obsolete and corrupt Registry entries automatically with RegistryBooster.
  • Repair your PC and keep it tuned: Dramatically improve your computing experience by repairing all Registry problems and minimizing application seizures and crashes.
  • Exceptionally Simple to Use: Set in a highly intuitive, attractive, logical and user-friendly graphical user interface, RegistryBooster sets the standard for ease-of-use.
  • Enhance System Stability and Efficiency: Even the newest of computers face the risk of errors or corruption -- RegistryBooster will minimize errors while keeping your PC stable and roaring at peak efficiency.
  • More scanning options: Due to the improvements made to the scanning engine, you are now able to scan for more sections within the Registry.
  • An Ignore list: By specifying the Registry section and path, the user will be able to exclude Registry parts from the scan.
  • Log generation: Displays a transcript of all the actions performed on the Registry by a particular fix operation.
  • Windows Vista Compatible: RegistryBooster is now fully Windows Vista Compatible and can still be run on Windows XP and 2000.

RegistryBooster: Awards

Uniblue has achieved more than one-hundred (100) 5-Star Awards globally for its innovative software utilities technologies, including:, Computer Shopper, Softpedia, PC Magazine, SnapFiles,, ZDNet,, and many more.

"RegistryBooster is the safest and most trusted solution to clean and optimize your system, free it from Registry errors and fragmented entries." ~ Microsoft & WUGNET Best Choice

" The scanning, repairing, and defragmenting utilities did exactly what they were supposed to and there was a definite boost in system performance. RegistryBooster will help stabilize and improve system performance on even the most erratically-behaving machines. " ~

"I found Booster to do a very thorough job of sanitizing my Registry. It discovered nearly four times more errors than my cleaner of choice -- before I replaced it with RegistryBooster." ~

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RegistryBooster: Versus Registry Mechanic, et al

As I mentioned earlier in this review, I don't usually deviate from my choices in software. I have been (for a number of years) recommending Registry Mechanic by PC Tools as my top choice for registry repair and cleaning.

After evaluating RegistryBooster, however, I have to say that I am just as impressed with its depth of analysis (I.E.: it "digs deep" to find the errors like Registry Mechanic does).

I was also equally impressed with its revealing log file, which painstakingly lists all errors, as well as the ignore list (which allows you to specify exclusions incase RegistryBooster bumps heads with one of your installed programs).

With that said, the one thing that really impressed me and finally tilted the scales was the fact that RegistryBooster includes a Registry Defragmenter -- something that I've only seen offered in 1 other product (and that was *all* it did).

In all, RegistryBooster offers a great feature set, an absolutely gorgeous user interface, and does exactly what it promises. If you already own Registry Mechanic, you won't be disappointed in what RegistryBooster has to offer.

RegistryBooster: Download

Does your Registry need a little TLC?

According to UniBlue, 94% of computers have corrupt, unused, and possibly harmful files!

Let RegistryBooster optimize your PC now --

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