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Blackmailed on Google Hangouts? Here's What to Do

Infopackets Reader Shane J. writes: " Dear Dennis, I found your article on Google after researching the Facebook blackmail scam . I desperately need help - I have fallen victim to a similar scam, known as the Google Hangouts Blackmail scam . Two ... days ago I received a friend request from a beautiful woman on Facebook who lives in my city. We started messaging back and forth, and within 20 minutes of the chat, she sent some revealing photos of herself. She then requested we go to Google Hangouts to continue chatting. I then entered into a video chat where she was fully unclothed and touching ... (view more)

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VisualRoute Personal Edition Review

Synopsis: Have you ever wondered why you can't connect to a certain web site or wondered "why is the Internet down" or your connection "too slow"? Have you ever wondered who's behind those attacks on your firewall? Well, now you don't have to! ... VisualRoute Internet tracing software is perfect for tracking hackers, spammers, investigating a website, and testing Internet connectivity. Here's how it works: VisualRoute shows you the exact route data takes as it is sent from your computer and traverses through the Internet. All of this crucial information is then placed neatly on a world map, so ... (view more)

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