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Synopsis: Have you ever wondered why you can't connect to a certain web site or wondered "why is the Internet down" or your connection "too slow"? Have you ever wondered who's behind those attacks on your firewall? Well, now you don't have to! VisualRoute Internet tracing software is perfect for tracking hackers, spammers, investigating a website, and testing Internet connectivity. Here's how it works: VisualRoute shows you the exact route data takes as it is sent from your computer and traverses through the Internet. All of this crucial information is then placed neatly on a world map, so you can visually trace the path to a destination (web site, hacker, etc). And heck, even if you don't have problems with your connection -- it's fun to see the route your data's taking!

VisualRoute 2005 Personal Edition: Screenshot

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VisualRoute 2005 Personal Edition: Features Drilldown

  • Integrated traceroute, ping tests, reverse DNS and Whois lookups
  • Internet connectivity analysis
  • Shows the connection route path on a world map
  • Network latency reporting
  • Packet loss reporting
  • Worldwide Whois reporting
  • Network Provider reporting
  • eMailTracker identifies email servers
  • One-click tracing from Internet Explorer

VisualRoute 2005 Personal Edition: In-Depth Explanation

  • IP Location Reporting: The physical geographical locations of network servers and routers is key information for understanding routing problems, viewing the actual route path on global map provides an instant of picture of routing efficiency and distances.
  • Network Provider Reporting: See the contact information for the company providing Internet access for each hop of a network route, so you can easily report network problems.
  • Domain Whois Lookups: Think a web site you're connected to looks like a scam? Get instant lookups of domain information from worldwide databases, so you can see the registered 'owner' of an IP address or domain!
  • Internet Explorer integration: Trace the web site in your browser with a simple click on the Internet Explorer toolbar, see the actual IP routing path to the web server.
  • Email Address Tracing: Trace an email address to its mail server, view connectivity tests to the mail server to help resolve email problems.
  • 'Trace TO' any remote IP or domain from VisualRoute desktop: Test connectivity from the VisualRoute desktop to any web server, IP address or network device, get an instant report of the entire route and each network segment, see where data is being lost or excessive latency occurs. And by combining multiple network diagnostic tools in one easy to interface, VisualRoute provides a complete picture of connectivity performance -- with much faster results than traditional tools.
  • ICMP Traceroutes: ICMP is the standard diagnostic vehicle for traceroute reporting, see ICMP traceroute information from the VisualRoute desktop to any Internet destination.
  • UDP Traceroutes: UDP is an application protocol, UDP traceroutes extend the ICMP traceroute capability through a more accurate depiction of application routing and more 'firewall friendly' traces. VisualRoute's intelligent protocol selection system automatically switches from ICMP to UDP traceroutes where required.

VisualRoute 2005 Personal Edition: Download

VisualRoute 2005 Personal Edition is available for immediate download via the eSellerate web site ($49.95). Download VisualRoute 2005 Personal Edition

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