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Microsoft Nags Windows 11 Upgraders

Microsoft is testing a warning message for users running Windows 11 on unsupported machines. It's the first time such a warning has appeared after an upgrade rather than before. The situation with upgrades to Windows 11 has been complicated to say ... the least. Microsoft originally annoyed many users by insisting the upgrade was only available for machines with certain specifications and features. Some of these, such as a hardware component called a Trusted Protection Module (TPM v2.0), aren't on even some recently-manufactured PCs. Microsoft later clarified that "incompatible" machines can be ... (view more)

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Three Random Words 'Best Password Strategy'

A government agency says three "random" words make for a better password than many other approaches. It says other strategies such as adding symbols and numbers can be counterproductive. The advice comes from the National Cyber Security Center ... (NCSC). That's a body in the United Kingdom that deals with major security breaches and gives advice to businesses and other government organizations. According to the NCSC, the advice is aimed at people who try to remember passwords. It says password manager tools are a good solution but remain widely unused. (Source: ) Predictable Appr0@ch ! ... (view more)

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Key Features in Windows 7: Upgrading from XP, Vista

As Windows 7 slowly creeps towards its holiday season release date , consumers will undoubtedly be wondering if the upgrade is worth it. In this article we'll briefly discuss some of the key features in Windows 7 that you won't find in Vista or XP. ... Let's start with the features new to Windows 7 -- particularly those that will be most appealing to consumers interested in making an early upgrade, or buying a new PC with Windows 7 loaded. Customization and Power Saving Options Perhaps the best part of Windows 7 is its customization options. To say the least, this is the most configurable ... (view more)

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