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T-Mobile, Samsung Phones to Adopt Android OS

T-Mobile is planning to use Google's open source operating system " Android " on devices that blur the line between cellphone and home PC. In addition, Samsung says they will also produce Android phones, but need to work out the kinks, first. Both ... announcements come shortly after HP revealed that it is investigating the idea of using Android to power some of its low-cost netbook computers in place of Windows. Home Phone to get Data Features According to the New York Times, T-Mobile is working on two home devices using Android, an open source rival to systems such as Windows Mobile ... (view more)

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'Blue Earth' Solar Cell Phone Unveiled by Samsung

It seems automobiles aren't the only consumer item 'going green' these days. At last week's annual Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, popular electronics manufacturer Samsung unveiled a solar-powered cellphone constructed from recycled plastic ... water bottles, making quite the splash with enviro-techies worldwide. At the Toronto International Auto Show this past week, just about everyone was thinking green. Hydrogen, electric, and hybrid cars dominated center stage throughout the event, just as they had weeks before at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. With automotive ... (view more)

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Samsung Looks to Corn Fields to Help Produce New Mobile Phones

The Olympics are not the only thing rocking Asia this past few weeks. In South Korea, Samsung is set to reveal their latest entry in the field of environmentally conscious mobile phones, known throughout the industry as "eco-phones". The Samsung ... E200 Eco contains parts that are made from bioplastics, that is, materials extracted from corn. Amazingly, it is not the first mobile phone to contain such materials. It is the first, however, in which the entire phone casing is made from bioplastic materials. (Source: ) But what features does a phone made from corn have to offer? In ... (view more)

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Samsung Challenges Apple, iPhone to Duel

Just when you thought Apple was going to run away with yet another handheld market, industry powerhouse Samsung has announced its own contender. The iPhone may not be the only super communicator if the "Serenata" has something to sing, er say, about ... it. The Serenata will be a joint venture launched by Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. and audio electronics designers Bang ... (view more)

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Samsung's Chips Are Down

Samsung, the world's top maker of memory chips, has recently taken a backseat to its competitors. The company was bumped from its first place spot after being forced to shut down six of its chip production lines due to a power outage at a Seoul ... plant. Are your favourite electronic devices at risk? Likely, since the plant in question produces dynamic random access memory (DRAM) chips, NAND flash chips, and non-memory chips. Many of the gadgets and appliances that we use on a regular basis, such as personal computers, digital cameras, and music players, rely on these chips. (Source: today. ... (view more)

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Shopping for an LCD monitor

I recently purchased a Samsung LCD (model: SyncMaster 760V TFT) for my Desktop behemoth computer. If you didn't already know, LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. The most noticeable features of an LCD monitor is the fact that the screen is ... perfectly flat, has an incredibly clear display, and its "backside" is very thin. Commonly referred to as a "flat screen monitors", LCD displays are most recognizably used in conjunction with a Laptop computer. Having two identical hard drives in RAID format allows me to transfer information to / from the computer 2x as fast (compared ... (view more)


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