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Can't remove / uninstall MyWebSearch?, Part 2

Last week, Infopackets Reader Cospul warned me of a problem he had with a browser enhancement, called MyWebSearch: " I downloaded and installed [the browser plug-in] only to find out that it hijacked my Internet Explorer ... Whatever [web site I ... visit, MyWebSearch either displays their site or an error message]. ... I emailed the Mywebsearch [support many times], but they have not [provided any useful technical advice]. I even hired a certified Microsoft technician to fix the problem -- but after a week, all they could tell me was that Mywebsearch acts like a virus (no kidding!). I can't ... (view more)

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DVD X Copy Q and A

Quite a few users contacted me over the weekend after reading last Saturday's article regarding 321 Studios and DVD X Copy. I have decided to follow up this discussion with some Q & A. Side note: To recap -- on February 20th, "a federal court ... ruled that 321 Studios must stop making software that allows users to copy DVDs ... [The] St. Louis-based [company] said it would appeal the ruling ... which has barred 321 from selling its DVD copying software [by February 27th, 2004]. " (Source: ). Infopackets Reader Rafael C. asks: " Regarding your February 21st news ... (view more)

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You may have noticed that the Gazette has been a little late in delivery in the past week and a half. Usually I write the newsletter the night before it is scheduled to go out, in order to have it ready for your morning coffee -- at least, for those ... of you who live in North America. I mentioned in a previous newsletter that I'm redesigning the site. This week I finished and tested a preliminary layout, but it still didn't quite look right -- so I've decided to scrap it and start over. I'm hoping to have the new design ready by next week (keep your fingers crossed!). More changes: additions to ... (view more)

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Web Server Upgrade, Part 6

Finally! After all the trouble and hassle with the last host, I think I've finally found a permanent home for the web site and virtual-host friends who are sharing this dedicated server. A brief, but very interesting (hellish) ... synopsis entails: Some time near the end of October 2002: It was decided that I needed to get another dedicated server to handle all the traffic that comes through the infopackets web server. October 30, 2002: After being reassured by a "knowledgeable" web-hosting sales representative that and its high demand for bandwidth could ... (view more)

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Web Server Upgrade, Part 3

Much has been happening since I last wrote to you about the web server upgrade. If you want to read up on what's been happening, here's Part 1 and Part 2 . A quick recap Due to an increased in the amount of visitors hitting the infopackets web site, ... I had to upgrade the web server. I am now leasing a lightening fast Pentium 4 1.7 GHz Apache Web Server with 512 Meg DDR RAM a 60 gig hard drive. My web server package includes a "T1 Connection" which allots a continuous flow of 1.5 megabits of bandwidth per second at any given moment. The saga continues! Since the server has been ... (view more)

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Installing Linux on an old PC

Thinking about throwing out that old PC because it can't run the latest version of MS Windows? Hold your horses! In the last few newsletters, there has been much talk about upgrading an old Pentium-1 computer -- which paths to take, and why an ... upgrade may not be the best route. Recently, I received an email from an Infopackets Reader, Stu W., which mentioned a great alternative to upgrading an old PC. He writes: " I would personally NOT upgrade the hardware [of an old PC]. Instead, I would upgrade the operating system (OS) to something like Peanut Linux, Small Linux or even Corel Linux. ... (view more)

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Why is my firewall always asking me for permission?

Infopackets Reader Christine R. write s: " Dear Dennis, I do not know a lot about Internet Explorer, so I wanted to know why is it that my firewall will not let me browse the Internet unless I give permission to Windows Explorer to access the Net? ... If I say "No" when permission is requested, it comes up 'unable to connect to that site', which leaves me with the only way to browse the site by clicking on "Yes." I have uninstalled and reinstalled the firewall and tried everything I know, but to no avail. So now I'm asking your opinion, as I am worried that if my Windows ... (view more)

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Changing Domain Registrars

Last week the last issue of the Infopackets Gazette was sent out. At the same time, a configuration change was made to the web server which hosts What happened? It's a long story, but I'll try to reiterate in simple mumbo-jumbo ... without too much techy-talk. As you may already know, has experienced a major growth spurt in the last few months and has outgrown its current web server configuration. Therefore, it was decided that should be moved to a dedicated web server which offers unlimited bandwidth to fit the needs of its users. A purchase was ... (view more)


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