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Rumor: Microsoft's Windows 8 Due in 2012

Is Microsoft already looking beyond Windows 7 to Windows 8? Well, it can't hurt to be prepared. In a recent presentation at the Los Angeles Professional Developers Conference, Microsoft's Steven Sinofsky revealed two interesting slides that CNET ... News believes confirms the next major release from the Redmond-based firm is pegged for 2012. There's great value for Microsoft in being up front with its home and business customers. For one, being prepared keeps stock value high. Second, it keeps consumer confidence at a peak, and although the initial knee-jerk reaction might be to wonder if news of ... (view more)

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Need Glasses for the Slide Sorter View in MS PowerPoint?

Subscribers to my newsletter have told me that they find themselves squinting when using the Slide Sorter view in PowerPoint. The slides can be kind-of tiny and if they all are similar it can be a real problem differentiating between them. Here is ... what I told my subscribers:Use the Zoom box which is located in the Standard and Formatting toolbars. With this you can change the value to any number from twenty percent up to a hundred percent! You can use the drop-down arrow on the right-hand slide and select a zoom value. Alternatively, you can click inside the zoon box and type a value and then ... (view more)

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