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How to Fix: Move All Steam Games to Another Drive

Infopackets Reader David C. writes: " Dear Dennis, I am running out of space on my C drive (SSD) and I would like to move my entire Steam folder to the D drive. Currently I have a 1 TB SSD on C and the D drive is a 4 TB regular hard drive. Every ... guide I've looked at on the Internet explains how to do move each Steam game one at a time, but I've got over 20 games installed on here and that would take forever. What I would like to do is move all Steam games to another drive in one go. I don't understand why this is so difficult. I'm afraid I may screw something up if I don't do this right - in ... (view more)

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'Comic Seer 2.21-3', and 'Steam'

Comic Seer 2.21-3 View, organize, and manage your growing digital comic book collection with Comic Seer. This program -- which is both free to use, open source, and features a user-friendly interface -- is compatible with the Windows and Linux ... platforms. Steam Download Steam, the world's most popular video game digital distribution program. Not only does Steam let you download all of the newest video games, but it lets you interact with friends, share content, and access your entertainment from multiple devices. (view more)

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Expanded Steam to Compete with Apple's App Store

The Apple App Store might be the single most important reason for Apple's dominance of the smartphone and tablet markets. But Valve, which is responsible for the wildly popular Steam video game distribution platform, now appears ready to challenge ... Apple, Microsoft, and Google with its own app store. According to reports, Valve is preparing to expand its operations into non-gaming areas, including computer applications. For those not familiar with Steam, it's basically an app store for video games. With tens of millions of users and more than one thousand games available for instant download, ... (view more)

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Game Service Hacked; Credit Card Data Acquired

Valve Corporation, which is behind the major online video game retailer and social networking platform Steam, has been hacked. According to reports, gamer credit cards have been compromised, as well. Steam is a major online gaming platform that ... provides nearly 2,000 games for play by some 35 million users based in 237 countries. Not only can visitors to the site download games, but they can also use the platform to easily organize multiplayer sessions, and can interact with one another through instant messaging. User Database Infiltrated by Hackers Given the massive size of Steam's user base ... (view more)

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Survey Suggests More Gamers Switching to Windows 7

One of the most crucial mistakes Microsoft made with its 2007 perating system (OS) Vista was fail to convince gamers that the OS was worth an upgrade. Vista, by all accounts, slowed down systems more than necessary, making it one more obstacle in ... the quest to play titles like Crysis at the maximum video frames per second. It seems, however, that the Redmond-based company's attempt to rectify that situation with the new Windows 7 is paying off. According to a recent survey performed by video game download center Steam, users of the increasingly popular operating system account for an ... (view more)

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