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Microsoft Steps Up Nagging To Win11 Upgraders

Microsoft is testing another new way to nag users running Windows 11 on unsupported devices. It's another development in the company's dilemma over user upgrades. As we've previously covered, the upgrade requirements for Windows 11 have proven a ... sore point for many users. Many relatively recent machines that run Windows 10 fine don't make the cut, even though the changes in Windows 11 are largely about the user interface. Related: Some Windows 11 Users Must 'Sign' Disclaimer MS Gives More Detail On Windows 11 Compatibility Trusted Platform Module Required for Windows 11 In particular, many ... (view more)

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Some Windows 11 Users Must 'Sign' Disclaimer

Users who upgrade "incompatible" machines to Windows 11 may have to agree to a lengthy disclaimer. Microsoft warns PCs could suffer damage, which suggests it may be trying to head off lawsuits. The disclaimer is further indication that users who ... don't meet the minimum system requirements for Windows 11 may still be able to install it. This would be through downloading and creating installation media such as a DVD or USB stick, rather than using Windows Update. (Source: ) Verge's Sean Hollister was able to install a beta edition of Windows 11 despite his PC not meeting the system ... (view more)

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