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Mobile Chrome Users Could Be Scammed

A tech expert has spotted a security risk in the mobile edition of Chrome. The way the exploit works means that scammers could make the browser appear to show a fake website address. This type of exploit would be particularly useful in a phishing ... scam, where hackers could develop a bogus website (such as a major banking site) to trick people into handing over personal information or passwords to sensitive data. James Fisher noted a potential problem with what's meant to be a useful measure in mobile Chrome. As the user scrolls down the page - which is much more likely to happen on a phone ... (view more)

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How to Fix: Firefox 'This connection is untrusted' (appears Randomly)

Infopackets Reader Gord F. writes: " Dear Dennis, I have a very vexing issue. For the last few weeks, Firefox randomly produces a ' This connection is untrusted ' message whenever I try to sign out of my Outlook email account (outlook.live.com), or ... when I visit other secure websites. It seems to work one minute, then it won't work the next. If I shut down and restart the computer the 'This connection is untrusted' error disappears, only to pop up again the next time I visit a secure website at some point in the day. When I see a 'This connection is untrusted' message, I've clicked the ' ... (view more)

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MS Uses Internet Community to Improve Bing Results

In an effort to solve a number of early computational problems, Microsoft has now called upon the Internet community to help improve the accuracy of current and future Bing -generated search results. Microsoft is set to release a new online game ... called Page Hunt that is designed to illicit user interaction and responses. The information extracted from this game will provide query alterations for use in search refinement and identify other vital issues. (Source: yahoo.com ) Generate a Hit Word, Find the URL The game seems quite fun. A player is shown a random web page with only the URL missing ... (view more)

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'URL Gather', and 'Vista Sprint'

URL Gather URL Gather helps users save and manage Internet bookmarks when neither Internet Explorer nor Firefox bookmarks are convenient. It simplifies the collection and management of your sites by allowing one to easily organize URLs according to ... different categories as you want. http://www.zqware.com Vista Sprint With Vista Sprint, users are able to improve system performance through a series of manual steps that can make Microsoft's newest operating system faster than the still-popular XP. http://www.senjenworld.com Today's fresh software picks were provided courtesy of Bob Helmer at ... (view more)

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Automatic Creation of Hyperlinks in MS Excel -- How to Stop Them!

At times, it can be a real problem when an URL is entered into a cell and MS Excel automatically creates a clickable hyperlink. There may be times when you would like to disable that particular feature. Preventing the automatic creation of ... hyperlinks can be accomplished by three different methods. Follow the steps below to learn how:From version 2000 forward, the automatic creation of hyperlinks can be disabled by reconfiguring the AutoCorrect settings by following these steps: Click on Tools | AutoCorrect. Click the AutoFormat As You Type tab. Under Replace As You Type, uncheck Internet And ... (view more)

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Staying Safe While Shopping Online

Now that the holiday season is rapidly approaching, it's a good time for some quick reminders about safely purchasing items online. Armed with the proper knowledge and a little common sense, purchasing things online can be as safe as going to the ... store and purchasing it in person. It's getting easier to purchase items online from reputable companies. However, there are also several "companies" that want to steal your personal and financial information. Listed below are some suggestions for making your online shopping experience more enjoyable. Contact Information Is the sellers address and ... (view more)

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Set default web browser (Mozilla FireFox)?

Infopackets Reader Russell F. writes: " Hi Dennis! I have two questions that I'm hoping you can help me with. First: I do not have Internet Explorer set as my default web browser, yet any link I click outside of Internet Explorer always launch in ... IE. How can I get the default changed to Mozilla Firefox? And, secondly: about two weeks ago all the links in Internet Explorer quit working. I looked everywhere, but could not find an answer. Can you help? " Side note: Mozilla Firefox is a new streamlined web browser which features tabbed browsing, a built in PopUp blocker, and a google ... (view more)

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IE Address Bar + Toolbar lesson

Infopackets Reader Juanita S. writes: " Dear Dennis, How do I make my address bar smaller or shorter? My address bar goes completely across (and beyond) the top of my page ... there is no room on the right side of the screen [for me to input a new ... web address]. Can you please help? " My response: At first, I wasn't sure what Juanita was referring to, so I asked her to send me a screen capture. After viewing the picture, I noticed that the URL in her address bar continues beyond the frame of the screen -- and this is completely acceptable. There is a way to reposition / shorten the ... (view more)

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