Automatic Creation of Hyperlinks in MS Excel -- How to Stop Them!

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At times, it can be a real problem when an URL is entered into a cell and MS Excel automatically creates a clickable hyperlink. There may be times when you would like to disable that particular feature. Preventing the automatic creation of hyperlinks can be accomplished by three different methods.

Follow the steps below to learn how:From version 2000 forward, the automatic creation of hyperlinks can be disabled by reconfiguring the AutoCorrect settings by following these steps:  

  • Click on Tools | AutoCorrect.
  • Click the AutoFormat As You Type tab.  
  • Under Replace As You Type, uncheck Internet And Network Paths With Hyperlinks.

In version 2003, you will be given the option of turning off this AutoCorrect feature with the action dialog that appears after entering the first URL.

Another solution is to enter the URL into a cell as a label, which will prevent the automatic creation of a hyperlink. A label is indicated by preceding the cell entry with an apostrophe, such as

There is another, far more complicated solution that uses VBA code, but I will not go into it in this newsletter as it deals with creating a macro with VBA code.

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