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Which PopUp Blocker should I use?

Infopackets Reader Chris K. writes: " Dear Dennis, My computer has so many popup blockers installed that my web pages won't display properly. For example: if I click a link on a web site that opens a new Browser Window, the page is blocked. As far ... as I understand, popup blockers are a part of my antivirus program, my firewall, my DSL connection (through Yahoo and SBC), and even Mozilla Firefox has one. I suspect there may be other popup blockers installed on my machine as years have gone by. My question is: how do I know which popup blockers to remove, yet keep my computer safe from ... (view more)

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Newsletter Delivery Problems

Seasons greeting s! I don't normally send out the Gazette on the weekend, but I have a number of important issues to discuss which are time sensitive. Let me be brief. Issue #1: Changes to the Infopackets Web Server The infopackets fund raiser was a ... success and I will be putting an order in for the new web server as soon as the setup that I want becomes available (most likely after the new year). In the past few weeks I have been making modifications to the newsletter delivery program in preparation for the new web server. Once the new server is online, the newsletter delivery program will ... (view more)

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