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Seasons greeting s!

I don't normally send out the Gazette on the weekend, but I have a number of important issues to discuss which are time sensitive. Let me be brief.

Issue #1: Changes to the Infopackets Web Server

The infopackets fund raiser was a success and I will be putting an order in for the new web server as soon as the setup that I want becomes available (most likely after the new year).

In the past few weeks I have been making modifications to the newsletter delivery program in preparation for the new web server. Once the new server is online, the newsletter delivery program will send the newsletter to half of the subscriber base using the old server, and the other half using the new web server. Using this method, the newsletter will send twice as fast as it does now.

Issue #2: Trouble with December 24th's newsletter delivery

On December 24th, some of the changes I made to the newsletter delivery program went live. Unfortunately, there were problems with the script and the Gazette did not finish sending until 12 noon on the 26th. It was in this newsletter that Jake Ludington announced the release of his new eBook which explains how to convert records and audio cassettes to CD.

The good news is that half of the proceeds of Jake's new eBook will be used to help pay for the new web server. And, in light of the holiday season, Jake discounted the release of his new book at 20% off ($8.00). The bad news is that the coupon expired on the 26th -- the same day the announcement was made.

I spoke to Jake about the delivery problem, and he has reinstated the coupon until Thursday, January 1st, 2004. If you haven't read his review on how to Convert Records and Cassettes to CD, you can read it here.

Issue #3: "Fun With Photos" Video tutorial

Numerous Readers have reported problems downloading the new (free) video tutorial I made last week, "Fun With Photos", which shows you how to take a animal's body and paste a human face onto it.

The problem is that Media Player launches automatically when the download link is clicked / launched. Normally this isn't a problem, but this video tutorial requires CamPlay.EXE to play properly. To get around this problem, you can right click this link, choose Save As / Save Target As, and save it to your desktop. This will bypass Media Player completely and allow you to operate the video using the required software. For complete download and operating instructions, please review this page.

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