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New MacBook Pro Expensive to Fix, Tough to Upgrade

Apple recently unveiled its brand new MacBook Pro laptop, which comes with the same critically-acclaimed Retina display found on the company's iPad tablet. While early reviews suggest that the new MacBook Pro is a very powerful device, industry ... experts are slowly discovering that it holds some dirty secrets. Most notably, the new MacBook Pro is almost impossible for the average person to repair, and is also extremely costly to both fix and upgrade. Performance-wise, the new MacBook Pro has a lot going for it. While it's extremely powerful (using the latest quad-core Intel i7 processors), it's ... (view more)

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Extend Wireless / Wired Network, Share Internet (2 Routers)

Infopackets Reader Bernie H. writes: " Dear Dennis, I have a hard wired DSL Internet connection at my office. If I want to add more connections in order to share my Internet with more computers, can I daisy chain another modem to the current one? Or ... do I have to replace the current one with one that has more sockets (ports) available? " My Response: You don't need to replace your current router -- you can easily chain two or more routers together. All you need to do is connect the two routers together using any LAN port on each of the routers using standard RJ45 (Ethernet / network cable). Do ... (view more)

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Do Geeks Make for Best Romantics?

According to popular tech publication Wired, there are at least ten good reasons why geeks, nerds, or even dorks, make for the best lovers. Some of the site's reasoning makes sense, while others appear a desperate attempt to diversify who's clicking ... on whose lavalife profile. So, what makes sense? Reason #10: Geeks build it, so you will come. According to popular belief, women love a handyman. Although this is generally associated with fixing toilets, kitchen faucets, and leaky roofs, in this day and age it should also apply to technology. In many instances, computer mechanics charge as much ... (view more)

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