Do Geeks Make for Best Romantics?

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According to popular tech publication Wired, there are at least ten good reasons why geeks, nerds, or even dorks, make for the best lovers. Some of the site's reasoning makes sense, while others appear a desperate attempt to diversify who's clicking on whose lavalife profile.

So, what makes sense?

Reason #10: Geeks build it, so you will come. According to popular belief, women love a handyman. Although this is generally associated with fixing toilets, kitchen faucets, and leaky roofs, in this day and age it should also apply to technology. In many instances, computer mechanics charge as much, if not more, per hour than the average automotive type. (Source:

Reason #3: Geeks know kinky people. There isn't much to argue with here. Internet dating -- be it through Microsoft's instant messaging or sites like lavalife or eHarmony -- have become as popular for meeting the opposite gender as the local nightclub. Beyond that, the Internet is, well, the Internet. It's been the place to find nudies for years.

What's a little misguided about the list?

Reason #5: Geeks are hot. This is entirely debatable and rather difficult to prove. Although the growth of the Internet and the PC market is without doubt, one look at most IT departments may prove Wired wrong.

Reason #4: Geeks don't shock easily. According to Wired, those connected to the web have seen it all. Nude photos, "special" toys, apparently they make for a geek especially aware of his or her "intimacy". Why is it inaccurate? Surely, exceptions apply, but the world of the bedroom is much different than that limited to a computer screen.

In the end, Wired is onto something. The computer industry continues to grow worldwide, as Vista and chip manufacturers look to the East and previously untouched markets. And, if there's one thing that truly is sexy, it's being open to new things. (Source:

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