Report: Apple Tablet Market Dominance May Be Over

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A new report shows that Samsung may soon challenge Apple for control of the highly lucrative tablet computer market. The report shows that Apple's hold on the tablet market is fast declining, while Samsung tablets -- like the Galaxy Tab 4 -- are being embraced by consumers.

New research from industry analyst firm IDC shows that Apple continues to have a lead in the tablet market, with the company selling 13.3 million units of its popular iPad in the second quarter. That represents a 26.9 per cent market share, suggesting that more than one in four tablets sold today are iPads.

Samsung Numbers Climb as Apple's Market Share Recedes

But the numbers also show that Apple's grip on the tablet market is loosening. First, the number of iPad units sold during the second quarter (13.3 million) is considerably lower than analyst expectations (14.4 million). In addition, the number of units shipped in the second quarter is down 9.3 per cent year over year.

Meanwhile, the popularity of Samsung tablets continues to grow. IDC says that South Korea-based Samsung sold roughly 8.5 million tablet devices during the second quarter, increasing its market share by 1.6 per cent. (Source:

China's Lenovo, maker of tablets like the ThinkPad 8 and IdeaPad Miix 2, saw the most substantial increase in market share in this sector. The company shipped 2.4 million tablet computers during the second quarter, representing 64 per cent year over year growth. In fact, Lenovo's success forced Asustek, maker of the MeMO Pad tablet, from third to fourth place.

Consumers May Be Frustrated with iPad Pricing

Analysts have suggested that Apple's problems in the tablet market are related to the emergence of new and cheaper tablet devices from other firms, including Samsung and Lenovo. Both the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 and the Lenovo ThinkPad 8 are priced lower than Apple's iPad Air device.

For his part, Apple chief executive officer Tim Cook blamed "a reduction in channel inventory" and "market softness in certain parts of the world" for the iPad's slow quarter. (Source: Overall, tablet shipments for the second quarter were up 11 per cent compared to the same period last year.

What's Your Opinion?

Are you surprised to see Apple's share of the tablet market declining? Do you own a tablet and if so, what kind of tablet do you own? Have you been satisfied with the performance of the tablet computer(s) you have purchased? Do you see tablets as being the dominant method of computing in the next 5 years, compared to a laptop or desktop PC?

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Sorry - but that's a completely misleading title. Apple is still by far the best seller and still commands a major share of the market.

You talk about changes in market share but don't offer actual share except for Apple. If more vendors enter the market and do well, market share will shift.

Hard to make sense out of this article.

PayPaul's picture

AT the slow rate they are going tablets will never replace even laptops much less desktops because of their miserly storage and memory capacities. For the price of an Ipad one can get a full fledged desktop replacement in many of the laptops on offer. Perhaps some of the fools who bought Ipads in prior generations are finally seeing the error of their ways?

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I have a Desktop W7 pro for everything, Media center desktop W8.1 & W7pro on it for TV, Laptop W7,Surface rt, iPad 2.
If I really want to get something done I use the desktop. The media center one is dedicated for TV even though it will do every thing also. The laptop is for full function portability. When it comes to pads, I prefer the surface but their store Sucks for app selection. The iPad seams slightly more stable but I dislike having to use iTunes for apps.
Over all apps are convent but crippled. If you really want to do something w/multitasking power, you really need a desktop. Sometimes it seams that none are ready for prime time.