Explained: Convert Roblox Gift Card to Robux (Step by Step)

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Infopackets Reader Julie F. writes:

" Dear Dennis,

My daughter is addicted to Roblox and plays it on her tablet for hours on end, every single day. Recently she received two gift Roblox gift cards for her birthday. These cards contain a PIN number and need to be activated online so she can use it within the game. I have successfully entered in the PIN number using a web browser (on a PC), and she now has $50 worth of Roblox credit. From my understanding, I am now supposed to convert the Roblox credit into Robux, which will allow her to purchase items within the game. Every video and written tutorial I've come across on the Internet says that the option to convert Roblox credit to Robux is done from the same page where I entered in the PIN, however the option is simply NOT there. I am at a loss as to what to do next and can't believe how convoluted this process is. Can you PLEASE help? "

My response:

Speaking from experience, my daughter also plays Roblox and I've had to go through the same process as you did just recently. And yes, I agree - the entire process to redeem a Roblox gift card is far too complicated, especially if you've never done it before.

Below I will explain the simplified steps on how to redeem a Roblox card gift card in 2020, in case anyone else is having this issue. This will allow you to convert the Roblox gift card to Robux, so that the Robux currency can be used within the game to purchase items.

Explained: Convert Roblox Gift Card to Robux (Step by Step)

  1. First of all, the option to redeem a Roblox gift card cannot be done within the game. You have to do it on the official Roblox Game Card Redemption Page.
  2. Once you are on the Roblox Game Card Redemption Page, you will need to login to your Roblox account. This ensures that the credit will be applied your account.
  3. Assuming you've logged into your account, it's now time to redeem the Roblox gift card. Doing so will turn the gift card into Roblox credit - but your quest won't be done there; you will then need to convert the Roblox credit into Robux on yet another page (described in Step #4 further down).

    To redeem the Roblox gift card: scratch off the back of the Roblox gift card to reveal the PIN number. If it is not a physical card, it is considered a 'Roblox Digital Gift Card', but the idea is exactly the same. In this case, the PIN of a Roblox Digital Gift Card will be attached to your online order in an email. If you can't find the email, log into the website you purchased the card from (Amazon, for example), and the PIN should be listed as part of your order detail. Once you have the PIN, enter it into the input field via the Roblox Game Card Redemption Page.
  4. Once the PIN has been entered successfully, the Roblox credit will be applied to the account. You will now need to convert the Roblox credit into Robux so that the currency can be used within the game. Miraculously, the link to convert Roblox credit into Robux isn't listed or linked to anywhere on the Roblox Game Card Redemption Page, so it's no wonder that the whole process to convert a Roblox gift card into Robux is overly complicated and confusing!

    To convert the Roblox credit to Robux: go to the 'Robux Purchase Page'. On this page you can buy Robux outright (using your Roblox credit you already redeemed!), or you can also purchase a monthly recurring subscription of Robux with a credit card. This article assumes the former. To do so: click the denomination amount you wish to redeem (example: $25.99 worth of Robux).

    There's a few important and extremely smelly caveats worth mentioning here.

    First: the Robux Purchase Page lists redemption amounts higher than the gift card amounts. They do this on purpose so that you will have to buy more gift cards to be able to spend any remaining credit on your account.

    For example: instead of being able to purchase 1700 worth of Robux for $25.99 (which is $0.99 higher than a $25 gift card), you will have to select 800 worth of Robux for $12.99, then 400 worth of Robux for $6.49, which will leave you with $5.52 worth of Roblox credit from a $25 Roblox gift card. That equates to 1200 Robux instead of the 1700 you could of had - but only if your gift card contained an extra $0.99, which it does not. Was this done on purpose? Absolutely!

    Secondly: you cannot do a split payment to make a purchase (for example: $25 worth of Roblox gift card and $0.99 on a credit card to obtain 1700 worth of Robux valued at $25.99) because the sharp minds at Roblox "have not yet implemented this feature" according to their page. I call BS - pardon my French! If Roblox developers can make millions of dollars off this game, then they can surely find a way to implement this "feature," if you want to call it that.

    Let's continue!

    4. Once you've clicked on the Robux amount you wish to purchase, the next page will ask to you to select your payment type. From here, select your existing Roblox credit; when complete, click next and the Roblox credit will be converted into Robux, which will then be applied directly to the account. This will be shown in the top right hand corner of the browser on the currently logged in Roblox account.

    Note: technically speaking you can enter in your Roblox gift card PIN directly onto the Robux Purchase Page, though most folks that have never gone through this overly convoluted process of redeeming a Roblox gift card will likely attempt to redeem the card into credit first (not realizing the credit will then need to be converted in Robux), hence the reason for this article.

Hallelujah - that's it!

Once the Robux is assigned to the account, the user can then play the game (via tablet, phone, PC, etc) and use the Robux to purchase items within the game.

I hope that helps.

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