Win10 KB4556799 Breaks Internet, Audio; Blue Screens

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Continuing what's almost become a tradition, the latest Windows 10 update has brought a string of reported problems. Microsoft says it is unclear how widespread many of them are, but has confirmed some users can no longer get online.

The confirmation comes on Microsoft's support page for the update, which has the reference number KB4556799. The Internet connectivity problem is with users who have a wireless wide area network (WWAN) LTE modem. Specifically: anyone that uses mobile broadband for Internet might be affected.

To make things worse, Microsoft says the notification area on the Windows 10 desktop may still report the computer is online even when the bug means it isn't.

Since most users use either a direct wired connection (ethernet) or a wireless Internet connection (WiFi), the issue should affect a small number of users.

Internet Connection Fix Coming

Microsoft says it is "working on a resolution and will provide an update in an upcoming release", which raises the obvious problem that affected users might not be able to download said release. (Source:

The other entry in the list of known issues is the somewhat vague. Microsoft acknolwedges that "[they] have seen social media and news reports related to various issues with KB44556799." Although there's all manner of complaints online, Microsoft says neither its official customer feedback system nor its remote monitoring of computers has shown any of these issues are widespread.

It went to say that the situation would be monitored closely.

BSOD Back On The Scene

Among the reported problems are computers getting the dreaded "Blue Screen of Death" crash. Hewlett Packard (HP) has issued its own update to fix that problem on affected machines.

Other reports include a loss of audio, slow startups, problems starting applications and glitches with games. As is becoming all-too-familiar, it seems that in many cases the problem is drivers that are no longer compatible with Windows 10 after the update. (Source:

Further problems reported online include default fonts changing, portable devices switching from standard Windows 10 to Windows S mode, and problems searching in Outlook.

What's Your Opinion?

Have you had any problems with this update? Have you considered pausing, delaying or trying to block updates to Windows 10? Are bugs acceptable if they are fixed with the next update?

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is the lack of care Microsoft seems to have for it's Customers. All the issues are one thing. But Security should always be a Top Priority. If their is a Security vulnerability then that needs to belt dealt with on the spot. I can live with some minor issues and end up figuring out how to fix them myself until Microsoft puts out it's next set of monthly updates. But Security Patches need to come out instantly.

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My late father was not a technical man but he made one good point which still applies today...” If it works don’t touch it!” So apart from security patches Leave windows alone! Most people will never use these extras or care about them. No extra money to be made by adding, so leave alone.

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After installing KB4556799 each time I started my computer my monitor stayed blank for so long I wondered if it was faulty. Then after reading that Win 10 KB4556799 could cause a computer to take longer to start up I uninstalled KB4556799 and my computer began starting normally. I won't be reinstalling KB4556799 again until Microsoft reissues it with the bugs hopefully sorted out.

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Just think if M$ had all American programmers
most people could use a computer without learning programming themselves!!!!

The last "update" for Win 7 makes
shutdown take longer
but thank goodness we don't get many "updates" anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!