Win10 May 2020 Update Delayed For Some

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Microsoft has delayed the latest major Windows 10 Update for some users. The various workarounds aren't ideal, so affected users will probably need to be patient.

The problem affects the May 2020 Update, taking Windows 10 to version 2004. It's the first of this year's scheduled two major updates that includes new features.

Microsoft has previously blocked updates for some specific computers where it knows there will be a significant compatibility problem with hardware. This particular block appears more generic, with the affected users seeing an error message reading:

This PC can't be upgraded to Windows 10.

Your PC settings aren't supported yet on this version of Windows 10. Microsoft is working to support your settings soon. No action is needed. Windows Update will offer this version of Windows 10 automatically when these settings are supported. (Source:

Workarounds Have Major Drawbacks

It seems that waiting a bit longer for a major Windows update - as opposed to a security patch - isn't necessarily a bad thing, given how many glitches previous updates have bought.

Those users who are willing to dive deep in order to obtain the latest version of Windows 10 (build 2004) have shared some workarounds that have had mixed success, though most of these 'tricks' are not recommended.

The first is to update any applicable hardware drivers. Right now there's no way of knowing which might be causing the problems, so this isn't a quick fix and certainly won't guarantee anything.

The second is to disable a Windows security feature called "Core isolation." Given that's an important malware defense, this really doesn't seem a sensible trade-off.

Offline Update Could Work

The third workaround is to try downloading the update, disconnecting from the Internet, then installing the update. This most likely "works" by blocking Windows from checking a remote database for possible incompatibilities - so again, isn't really a smart idea. (Source:

Realistically, while the lack of detail is a bit frustrating, this error message shows that things are working as designed with Microsoft avoiding updating computers where doing so could cause problems. Given people who have installed the update aren't exactly shouting from the rooftops about their computing experience changing, it's probably best to leave well alone for now.

What's Your Opinion?

Have you come across this error message? Is Microsoft right to hold off updates where it might affect performance on a particular machine? Should it give user's more specific detail when such situations arise?

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