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Infopackets Reader Steve T. writes:

" Dear Dennis,

Help - I'm being blackmailed online! Recently I met a woman on a dating site. We chatted casually, then things escalated.

She sent me pictures, then asked me to reciprocate. That's when I got secretly recorded. Now she's threatening to release my pictures and videos to my wife, family and friends on Facebook and Instagram.

She asked me to send money to the Philippines with promises to delete the information. After I paid, she claims to have more copies.

I realize this is never going to end. I read your article on Facebook and Instagram blackmail and understand you've been helping others with scams since 2014. I'm asking for your guidance please!

I visited a few other websites that promised to scare, locate, ID the scammer and/or arrest them, but the complaints I read about that company on Reddit suggest they're not legit. PLEASE HELP! "

My response:

Please read all info below so you understand what's really happening.

Online Blackmail FAQs

The following are answered further down:

What is Online Blackmail?

Online blackmail occurs when you meet someone online under false pretenses:

  • After trust established: pics, videos exchanged
  • Blackmailers threaten exposure to family, friends, and followers
  • If you pay, they never stop asking for more

Online Blackmail - Everything You Need to Know ASAP (3 minute read)

Forget what you think know - it's all a lie! Read carefully:

  • 99% of scammers are overseas, work in gangs (Africa, India, Morocco, Philippines)
  • Scammers use local phone numbers to make you think they are nearby, using apps
  • Seems real: scammers use previous female victim ID's to lure men
  • It's organized crime: scammers share your name within the group
  • Scammers are anonymous, don't care about laws, don't scare; lawyer won't work
  • Hiring company to scare, locate, ID blackmailer is futile - they work in groups!

Do Blackmailers Follow Through?

Do blackmailers give up if you ignore them? What are my chances?

  • Chance of exposure is 50%; some fake it, others don't; most escalate if ignored
  • Exposure depends on: which gang, what info they have on you, what you have to lose
  • All blackmailers eventually move on, but stick around up to 60 days (work in groups)

How to Deal with Blackmail?

The answers below are based on real cases and real research.

Not Recommended

  • Shut down social media, block scammers: careful - can backfire quickly
  • If they can't collect, many escalate exposure to prove point
  • Blocking them won't stop it; they already have your contacts
  • If you can't afford paid support, use this option and pray for the best

Won't Work

  • Call police: most criminals are overseas, anonymous; not viable
  • Hire lawyer: won't work unless you know who's scamming you!
  • FBI: won't help; all complaints filed go toward annual IC3 crime report - that's it!

Be Careful!

Lots of very convincing "professional" web companies pretend to help, even on Youtube.

  • Watch out for intangible promises, multi-phases to complete job
  • Intangible: finding scammer's ID, location, arrest; can't be proven!
  • What if company can't produce? Will you keep paying? How long to get Osama bin Laden?
  • Watch out for insane fees, partial credit payment + remainder by wire, contracts
  • Research! Go to Better Business Bureau (BBB), read complaints. Trust Pilot can be faked
  • Avoid "hackers" claiming to delete pics, videos off scammer's device. Scam!

How to Stop Blackmail

Quote: "Fear is illogical." - The opposite of fear is knowing how to deal with the situation

  • Blackmailers are very creative and do unexpected, evil things - won't see it coming
  • Each gang has twist on how scam plays out, forcing payment or risk exposure
  • If you understand what's really happening, how to respond, you can defeat blackmail

Here's how we can help:

  • We eliminate fear of the unknown by explaining what can happen, how to stop it
  • We use evidence from previous cases to illustrate how our plan is successful. Truth!
  • We identify which gang is blackmailing you, plan for worst case, utilize contingencies
  • The ONLY service that can prevent your exposure through social media
  • We excel at ultra difficult cases: high profile, marriages, local blackmail - no problem
  • We control, combat, contain blackmail before it spirals out of control

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