Password Protect External USB Hard Drive?

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Infopackets Reader Salomon A. writes:

" Dear Dennis,

With what program or how can I protect, (lock/unlock) my USB HARD drives with a password? I bought the Acronis Image and did my backup-image to a USB drive, but now my external drive is vulnerable.

There are so many programs for scrambling files and folders but what I am looking for is really a 'Master' password like Windows XP. Thank you so much for any assistance you can provide. "

My response:

I don't know of any such a product that is "sold separately", per se, that will allow you to lock your external enclosure with a password. However, I do know of a few other options. You can:

a) protect individual files (or folders) using a special program.

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b) password protect your system so that no one can gain access to the drive. In addition to using a strong password for your Windows XP user account, a password-protected screensaver would also help lock out anyone from unauthorized use while you're temporarily away.

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c) password protect your backups using Acronis True Image (this is one of the options available during the Backup Wizard).

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All three of these options should provide you with enough security against unauthorized use.

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