IE7 Released, Promptly Fails Security Test

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Congratulations, Microsoft.

The Redmond-based company has finally released their much-anticipated new browser, Internet Explorer 7, for Windows XP. And certainly, it's reason for Big M to to be ecstatic -- except for the fact that the new Internet software has already failed its first security test.

Internet Explorer 7 rolled out Wednesday, October 18. Beta tests of the browser were generally good, with testers and even the competition, Mozilla, admitting that Microsoft had truly developed a wonderful new way to surf the web.

The browser improves on some of the qualities that had led to Mozilla Firefox's cult success, including increased protection against viruses and malware. (

However, it seems Microsoft's new product isn't quite secure enough.

According to security gurus from Secunia, the gold version of Internet Explorer 7 has been released with an information disclosure flaw. Not sure what that means? Well, it could make anyone who jumps on board with the new browser extra vulnerable to spoofing attacks. It's possible that a hacker could exploit and access documents found from other websites, meaning that the places you visit can be the business of others. (

The most puzzling part of the ordeal may be the fact that Secunia raised the alarm on this problem some time ago. As far back as April, Secunia detailed the issue with the last of Microsoft's browsers, IE6, but were largely ignored. The security company is making no mistake in ensuring that Microsoft and all potential customers of IE7 are aware of the problem.

Surely, this is hardly the ribbon-cutting ceremony Mr. Gates envisioned.

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