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In Computer Science -- more specifically, in the creation of software programs -- there are efficient ways of achieving a result, and there are not-so-efficient ways of doing the same thing. In fact, many refer to Microsoft Windows as bloatware: software that "is so overloaded with functionality that its performance suffers." (Source: techweb.com)

Unfortunately, Microsoft isn't the only one to blame. In the race for profit, many software developers are guilty of adding useless and abundant features to their programs for nothing more than a marketing tactic. (Source: wikipedia.org)

Subsequently, as resource-hogging applications are gradually added over time, the life is literally sucked out of your PC. Unfortunately, it's the end user that suffers.

So, what's the best way to improve the overall speed of your computer?

Certainly there are many factors involved, and perhaps the most expensive solution is to buy a new computer.

However, one of the easiest, most cost effective way of achieving efficiency is to streamline wherever possible: and that means starting with the Operating System and working your way up to installed applications.

For the average computer user running MS Windows, however, this can prove to be a daunting task requiring specialized knowledge.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

Introducing PC Pitstop Optimize 1.5

In a world where inferior system optimizers offer nothing more than an oil change, PC Pitstop Optimize provides MS Windows users with a complete engine overhaul.

PC Pitstop Optimize 1.5 isn't a quick fix for a slow, chugging computer. In fact, it's a much more intuitive and long-lasting utility that digs deep within the heart of Windows that scans for leftover registry errors and broken software installations.

Having said that, what really makes PC Pitstop Optimize stand out from other run-of-the-mill optimization utilities is the fact that it also removes unnecessary background programs that would otherwise slow overall system performance to a crawl.

Finally, specialized Optimization Tweaks are applied to the System Registry to unleash the raw performance of your PC.

PC Pitstop 1.5: Features

PC Pitstop Optimize version 1.5 boasts twice the performance tweaks of the previous edition.

Highlights include:

  • Maximizes overall performance by scanning for and removing unnecessary utilities that rob your PC of precious system resources.
  • Eradicates registry trouble by cleaning out the gunk left by spyware, malware, and adware programs.
  • Boosts overall system speed by optimizing countless Windows settings.
  • Improves Internet connection speed by as much as 200%!

PC Pitstop Optimize 1.5: Testing it on My Machine

Once again, PC Pitstop Optimize 1.5 is not your average optimization utility: it really does a complete overhaul. That's why we recommend that you create a Restore Point incase your settings need to be reversed. Instructions for WinXP here; for Vista: go here. With that said, let's move on!

Using PC Pitstop Optimize 1.5 was a snap. Once the program was installed, I simply gave Optimize the green light before it went to work identifying potential issues. Here's a list of what PC Pitstop Optimize 1.5 provided during the test:

  • Takes an in-depth approach to the registry, including invalid CLSIDs, ProgIDs, TypeLibs, and Interfaces Scans for unnecessary startup programs.
  • Analyzes often overlooked processing impediments, including temporary Internet files and the Recycle Bin.
  • Cleans out partially installed programs, which can further bog down a computer's processing power.
  • Optimizes a computer based on its ideal system performance settings. That's a unique and customized approach that simply can't be found with many software programs of similar nature.
  • Not only will the program outline strategies for reducing load times and boost system performance, it'll tell you exactly how it plans on executing such a plan by providing suggestions and the space that could be freed up by taking immediate action.

The key to PC Pitstop Optimize 1.5 is its work in the System Registry.

What's So Important about The Registry?

Since the System Registry is the primary target of many bloatware, spyware, malware, and similar programs, utilities like PC Optimize have become a necessity in staying one step ahead of programs that rob your system of precious resources.

Not only did PC Pitstop Optimize 1.5 identify several possible problems dragging down my computer's performance, it also added detailed comments that thoroughly described how invalid entries could pose a serious issue.

At the heart of this process may be the removal of programs that have no clearly defined uninstaller. These are, oftentimes, the programs which mischievously attach themselves to the registry and pose long-term problems for both performance and a user's overall sanity.

Once key issues for an individual computer are identified, PC Pitstop Optimize 1.5 removes clogs in the temporary Internet cache, the Recycle Bin, and processes a through cleansing of all applicable hard drives. The tool completes by performing what I deemed its most critical function: an eradication of registry threats.

When PC Pitstop Optimize 1.5 completes its work, a "receipt" of sorts is provided to the user. This includes a lengthy list of useless files removed from the temporary cache, and any measures taken to improve a web connection, general setup/startup, and last but not least, registry optimization. Within the last bracket, users will be presented with a list of the invalid and dangerous entries that have been removed.

Before finishing up, PC Pitstop Optimize 1.5 even identifies general system performance improvements. On my system, this included improving Start Menu delays, fixing Windows animations, and other similar functions.

PC Pitstop 1.5: Lasting Impressions and Conclusion

Let's start with the most important question -- did PC Pitstop 1.5 speed up my computer?

Simple answer: yes. Once I gave PC Pitstop Optimize permission to make its suggested improvements, I noticed an immediate boost in performance. Applications flash from one to the other faster than before, and my web browser appeared to load twice as fast.

I was impressed!

I was also impressed that PC Pitstop Optimize 1.5 kept me up to date on the actions it was performing. Nothing was done without my final clearance, and even then I was given a list of the junk that had been removed, the background programs and Windows settings that had been optimized, and the hard drive space I'd saved in doing all of the above.

It's this kind of attention to detail that makes a program like PC Pitstop Optimize 1.5 comforting for the veteran computer user, while also educating the beginner on real PC threats.

PC Pitstop 1.5: Free PC Performance Scan

PC Pitstop Optimize 1.5 provides a free system scan, which can identify the most critical registry errors and other problems bogging down your computer.

Click below to give PC Pitstop Optimize a try today -- you'll be glad you did!


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