Move Me Review, Part 2

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Last week, Jake Ludington wrote a review on a program called "Move Me", which transfers programs and user data from an old computer to a new computer:

Move Me Review

After the review was published, I received the following question from Infopackets Reader Vernon B.:

" Will the 'Move Me' software convert programs from Windows 98 to XP such as Microsoft Works, Word, Roxio, and many other programs? PS: Thank you for the infopackets newsletter each week."

I forwarded Vernon's question to Jake, and he responded:

" Move Me will transfer applications between any two Windows operating systems, assuming the programs are compatible with both operating systems. Anti-virus tools like Norton are the exception to this, because of the low-level system access required for anti-virus to work properly.

Move Me also works for transferring installed applications between two hard drives on the same computer. For instance, if your old hard drive is full and you install a second drive, Move Me will transfer applications to the new drive, freeing up space on the old drive. "

Next to disk imaging, Move Me is indeed an excellent tool.

If you missed last week's review on Move Me, you can read it online:

Move Me Review

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