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Infopackets Reader Juanita S. writes:

" Dear Dennis,

How do I make my address bar smaller or shorter? My address bar goes completely across (and beyond) the top of my page ... there is no room on the right side of the screen [for me to input a new web address]. Can you please help? "

My response:

At first, I wasn't sure what Juanita was referring to, so I asked her to send me a screen capture. After viewing the picture, I noticed that the URL in her address bar continues beyond the frame of the screen -- and this is completely acceptable.

There is a way to reposition / shorten the length of the address bar (and I will explain how to do this) -- but changing the size of the address bar won't make the URL [web address] shorter.

If you want to erase the entire line in the address bar in order to enter a new URL:

  1. Load Internet Explorer.
  2. Left click once on the address bar. This may or may not highlight the entire URL.
  3. Press and release the HOME key on your keyboard to bring the cursor to the very left side of the address bar.
  4. Press and hold SHIFT + END on your keyboard to highlight the entire URL in the address bar. Your cursor will now be at the very far right of the address bar and everything listed in the address bar will be highlighted.
  5. Release SHIFT + END and press DEL on your keyboard to delete the entire URL listed in the address bar.
  6. Type in your new address and press Enter on your keyboard.

To change the size and location of the address bar:

  1. Load Internet Explorer.
  2. Ensure that "Lock Toolbars" does not have a checkmark; click View -> Toolbars -> Lock Toolbars.
  3. Left click and hold the word "Address" on the Address Bar. Move the mouse to another Toolbar location and release the mouse.
  4. In order to "grow" or "shrink" the address bar, you must combine it with another Toolbar and then reposition it. By default, the address bar is not resizable if it is by itself.
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