Javascript won't run on my computer?

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Infopackets Reader Ed M. asks, " I seem to have lost Java script support for my computer. Could you please advise me how to re-install it?"

My Response:

The first thing you should do is check to see if Java has been accidentally disabled on your machine (Solution #1). If you have recently upgraded to Windows XP and have not visited the Windows Update website to update your system, skip to Solution #2.

Solution #1: Check to see if Java has been Disabled

If you use Internet Explorer 6, you can check to see if Java has been disabled by scrolling through your Internet Options.

  1. Load Internet Explorer.
  2. Go to Tools -> Options; the Internet Options window will appear.
  3. Click the Security Tab (top of window), and then click the Custom Level button near the bottom.
  4. A new Security Settings Window will appear; scroll down and look for Microsoft VM -> Java permissions. Ensure that there is no checkmark beside 'disable Java'. On my Windows XP machine, I have my security setting set to 'High safety' and Java runs fine.
  5. Click OK to close the Security Settings Window. Next, go to the Advanced Tab of the Internet Options window and scroll down to the Microsoft VM header. Ensure that 'JIT compiler' has a checkmark beside it. On my Windows XP machine, this is the only option check-marked under the Microsoft VM heading.
  6. Click OK, close Internet Explorer, and re-launch.

Solution #2: Update Windows XP or download Supplemental Java Support

If you use Windows XP and you have not yet updated to at least Windows XP Service Pack 1, you need to visit the Microsoft Windows Update web site and download a patch to enable Java. You can also visit the Sun Microsystems web site and grab a supplemental download, which runs on any version of Windows (including XP).

In either case, please read the article below for further detail; links to the Windows Update Website and Sun Microsystems are included.

Java won't run on my Windows XP?

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