Remove / Uninstall iSearch toolbar?

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Infopackets Reader Pat M. writes:

" Dennis, how do I get rid of the 'iSearch toolbar' which has attached itself to my Internet Explorer web browser? I have attempted to use the automated uninstaller from the isearch web site, but my computer refuses to download the software. I have also tried the Add / Remove Programs in Control Panel, but have had no luck. Any ideas?"

My response:

Although many would disagree, the iSearch web site claims that their toolbar is not Spyware because it "in no way tracks you or the web sites that you visit." (Source: FAQ). Instead, iSearch intrudes on your browsing sessions by invoking ad-related activity and reportedly blocks access to certain web sites.

One way to disable iSearch is to download and install a freeware program called BHO Demon. To read more about BHO Demon and to find out how to manually remove just about any Spyware program on your machine, read this recent Gazette article.

Side note: the iSearch toolbar contains something called a Browser Helper Object (BHO). BHO's are actually .DLL files which attach to your web browser and are used to enhance or customize browsing sessions. Some BHO's are friendly, while others are made for nothing more than the sole purpose of exploitation.

Pat M. wrote back again:

" Thank you for your assistance in removing the iSearch toolbar. I followed the instructions in your article and used BHO Demon to disable iSearch from attaching itself to my browser. I rarely download anything from the Internet, but recently had to update some software on my system for my web cam. Some how I managed to pick up iSearch along the way. By the way, this was done without my knowledge or permission. Is there anyway of guarding against these people doing this to my computer in the future? "

My Response:

Yes. My PC Security eBook and video tutorial I recently developed is aimed at not only deterring future attacks, but also explains how and why the attacks occur in the first place. If you worry about Spyware / Adware / Hackers / Viruses / email Viruses, or PopUps advertisements, this eBook is something you will certainly appreciate -- especially if you get a lot out of reading this newsletter.

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