400,000 PCs infected with Fake 'Antivirus 2009' Software, says Microsoft

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The second month of Microsoft's campaign against fake security software has resulted in the removal of the rogue "Antivirus 2009" application from almost 400,000 infected PCs. (Source: computerworld.com)

Microsoft claims that December's version of the Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT) -- the free utility included in Windows Update every month -- specifically targeted "Antivirus 2009." According to Microsoft, MSRT removed the rogue application from over 394,000 PCs in the first nine days after it was released on December 9.

Last month Microsoft claimed it purged programs called "Advanced Antivirus," "Ultimate Antivirus 2008," and "XPert Antivirus" from almost a million PCs. This month, Microsoft targeted the Win32/FakeXPA family (including Win32/Yektel and Win32/FakeXPA) which include fake security software called "Antivirus XP," "AntivirusXP 2008," and "Antivirus 2009." (Source: technet.com)

Recently we reported on how Internet security is losing the online war. Users who are unfortunate enough to discover they've become of victim of Antivirus 2009 are deluged with pop-ups until they pay the $40 or $50 dollars to purchase the useless application to have it "undo" the popups. (Source: infopackets.com)

Free Tools to Remove Antivirus 2009 (Rogue)

If your system has any of the above mentioned rogue programs, you should scan your PC with MSRT from Microsoft immediately.


Other useful resources and tools to remove the rogue Antivirus 2009 malware:

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