Disappointed IE8 Users Revert to IE7

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It's been almost one week since users have been able to experience Internet Explorer 8, Microsoft's latest weapon in the browser war against rivals Firefox, Safari and Chrome. Unfortunately, fanfare doesn't appear to be overwhelming, and now there are reports that some users might actually be reverting to IE7 -- or even opting for competitor browsers.

Early Highs, Later Lows

It was reported that as much as 2.61% of all web surfers were using IE8 just three days after the release date.

While some assume that these numbers would have doubled or tripled by now, the figures have barely improved. This shows that a number of people decided to give the new browser a try, disliked it for some reason, and abandoned it altogether in a matter of hours. (Source: igovernment.in)

Turning back the clock to IE7

Microsoft has since been flooded with complaints regarding difficulties experienced when printing from web sites, search malfunctions, image problems, load times and the fact that the new browser takes up 4 gigabytes of disk space.

While some people went back to using IE7, others decided to experiment with other web browsers on the market. This was the very thing Microsoft was hoping to discourage in the first place.

Current figures show that Firefox now controls 22% of the browser market compared to 67% for Internet Explorer. While Microsoft continues to edge out Mozilla, the numbers are still disturbing news considering the fact that Internet Explorer once enjoyed a 90% share of the market. (Source: indiatimes.com)

To make matters worse, there have been a number of negative reviews on Internet Explorer 8. This may turn people away from attempting to use IE8 before anyone has a chance to form their own opinion.

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