Add picture or background music to Outlook Express emails?

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Infopackets Reader Jim R. writes:

" Dear Dennis,

I read your article about sending music with e-mail. I had already been through all the HTML setup when I had trouble not getting pictures sent. All the solutions you mentioned I have done, but I still can't send music as background with email. Any other solutions? I am at a loss as to where to go next. I am running Windows XP, Internet Explorer 6, and Outlook Express 6. "

My response:

You are correct, in that that you need to ensure that your mail sending format is set for HTML (rather than plain text), in order to insert (*not* attach) pictures and apply Background music. As you mentioned, I covered both these topics exhaustively in the Gazette; however, it is still worth going over one more time since I get asked these questions frequently.

RE: How to add Pictures or Background music in emails using Outlook Express

First, ensure Outlook Express is set for HTML compliant emails. Launch Outlook Express, click Tools -> Options -> Send tab, and ensure that "Mail Sending Format" has "HTML" selected. Click Apply, and then OK.

To insert a graphic into your outgoing email, click the Create Mail button and a new window will appear. Next, click on the body of the message, and Insert -> Picture. If you don't click on the body of the message before clicking Insert -> Picture, the menu will appear 'ghosted' and will not allow you to insert a picture file.

To insert music into the email, follow the same steps above, except click Format -> Background -> Sound as the final instruction. Note that the sound file must be in MIDI, AIFF, SND, WAV, or WMA format (.MP3 files are not supported).

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