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Update 2012/06/26: Save 50%! This special deal expires July 9th, 2012 at 11:59PM EST. Note that this version of the product is Windows 7 compatible.

This week's special is a mind-blowing 50% off Acronis Disk Director Suite v11: a unique product brought to you by Acronis, the same software company that makes True Image -- the disaster recovery / backup program capable of backing up personal data plus MS Windows.

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If you already own Acronis True Image you will want to pay special attention to this Disk Director Suite bargain because it is the perfect companion to True Image.

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What is Acronis Disk Director Suite?

In a nutshell, Disk Director Suite allows you to reorganize your PC for better performance and data protection.


Allow me to illustrate 2 prime examples:

Option #1) Create a Backup Drive Out of Existing Hardware

Let's say you own Acronis True Image and you use it to backup your computer onto CD or DVD recordable. Because you need to swap out your recordable media as the backup progresses, this can take a great deal of time.

An alternative would be to backup your data onto an external hard drive (or LAN, for that matter), but it may not be within your budget.

An alternative to both of these would be to use Acronis Disk Director Suite. Using this program, you can take your existing hard drive (the "C drive") and split it in half, making another drive letter ("C" and "D" drives). This is called Partitioning your harddrive.

In terms of performing a backup: now you can use your newly created 'D' drive as your backup medium.

I have personally been using this method of backup for over 10 years and have never run into problems, but I also backup to an external source as well for redundancy. In that case, please refer to the caveats below.

Disk Splitting / Imaging Backups Used by IBM

This type of backup (where the C drive is split into a C and D drive) is performed by IBM and shipped with IBM computers in case of operating system failure and the user needs to revert their entire system to a pristine state.

In essence, the D drive holds an exact replica of the C drive (called a disk image); if your operating system becomes corrupt, you can use your D drive to restore the C drive.

One benefit to using a backup like this is that it doesn't require any extra hardware to perform the backup. The other benefit is that because you're utilizing the hard drive and it's local, the backups are usually quite fast.

Thus, this method of backup is perfectly acceptable if you are (for example) a laptop user and don't have / don't want to carry an external hard drive with you everywhere you go in order to make backups on a regular basis.

It's also acceptable for desktop users to use the above method. Another possibility is that you want to backup / store important user files and separate it from the system drive.

Caveats: Disk Splitting for use in Disk Image Backups

In the rare instance that your entire hard drive suffers a catastrophic failure and both C and D drive (your backup drive) are completely inaccessible, we also strongly recommend that you (once in a while) copy your backup files to an external source, such as LAN, external hard drive, or similar.

In this case, you would then extract your backup from an external source and restore it to your new drive.

The frequency in which you create external backups is up to you.

Option #2) Use it to Organize your Data -- Save Time, Resources

Perhaps your PC is shared by an entire family and you'd like to designate X storage per user.

Use Disk Director suite to partition your harddrive accordingly (example: make C, D, E, F drives out of your C drive).

Now when it comes time to backup your information, you can specify exactly which drives you want to backup. This can save you a lot of time and media, only backing up specific data instead of the entire drive.

3) Boot Multiple Operating Systems

You can also use Disk Director Suite's Multi-Boot manager to install more than one operating system on your PC.

Imagine using Windows XP and Windows 7 on the same computer, or Windows XP and Ubuntu Linux, for example. The possibilities are endless.

What else can Disk Director Suite do?

There are many more features that I have not discussed, and so I invite you to take a look at the Disk Director Suite page over at the Acronis web site (link below).

Download Acronis Disk Director Suite, Today!
Save 50% off the Full Price
Expires July 9 @ 11:59PM EST
Click Here to View Details

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

You have a 30 day Money Back Guarantee if you are not delighted with this software -- and don't forget: 100% of the proceeds earned from your purchase will go directly to support Infopackets.

So what else is there to say?

Hop on over to Acronis right now and make this purchase -- or take a look at Disk Director Suite details page for more information. It's truly an excellent product and comes with a familiar interface, very closely matching True Image.

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Click to Download Acronis Disk Director Suite
Save 50% off the Full Price

Expires July 9 @ 11:59PM EST
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Note: if you don't already own Acronis True Image, you can read our review of True Image online our web site (click here to read). We have a discount offer for Acronis True Image 2012 available for our readers.


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