Search for specific text (web links) in multiple documents?

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Infopackets Reader Bill 'Mr Full Service' writes:

" Dear Dennis,

Great newsletter! I've enjoyed it for a couple years now. I have a question for you about bookmark managers, or similar software. Do you know of any program that can search MS Word documents on your computer for web links (URLs)? Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated! "

My response:

If you own Windows XP, you can search for text in documents by using an advanced option in the Search dialogue menu. To do so, click Start -> Search -> Files / Folders -> Documents -> use Advanced search options -> 'a word or phrase in document' (search for "http" or "www").

Other than using WinXP's search function, I am unaware of any freeware third-party utilities that have this capability; having said that, anyone is welcome to email me with a solution (if one exists!).

Update 2004/12/16: This article has been updated. Click here to read!

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