Clean CD or DVD ROM lens with a brush?, Part 2

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Are brush-based CD Cleaning Kits saf e?

That was the question posed last week by Infopackets Reader, John R. In my response, I suggested using a q-tip and alcohol as a way to clean the lens of an optical drive, as some brush-based kits tend to be abrasive and may scratch the lens of the optical drive.

A few days after posting the article, Infopackets Reader Dawn M. wrote in with her experience using a brush-based CD Cleaning kit. She writes:

" Dear Dennis,

I am writing in response to John R.'s inquiry about cleaning his optical drive with a brush-based system. I personally use -- and have been using for quite some time -- a similar lens cleaning disc with brushes on our computers, vehicles, and even our CD players (we own and operate our own D.J. business).

Notably so, some CD cleaning systems have abrasive brushes that will scratch an optical lens, which is why it's important to inspect the brush before making the purchase. The hairs on the brush should be as soft as a newborn baby's hair; if it isn't this soft, I would not recommend using it.

With my particular CD cleaning solution that I purchased from Radio Shack, the brushes are very fine, gentle and soft (almost like baby hair). I have used this system regularly for many years and have never had any trouble with it scratching or ruining the eye of our lens.

I agree with your sentiments, however: if the lens is too dirty, I will apply a drop of alcohol to a q-tip and clean the lens that way.

Keep up the good work Dennis, I enjoy your newsletters a lot! "

My response:

Thanks for the excellent advice, and I can see how such a device would come in handy (especially in your business). I would, however, like to state one more time for our readers: if your CD / DVD ROM drive is performing flawlessly, it may be in your best interest not to 'clean' it as there is always a chance that something could go wrong. As the old adage stands: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

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