Microsoft Stops XP Shipments; Win8 Details Emerge

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The death knell tolls for Windows XP. The decade-old operating system is no longer being shipped to PC makers -- otherwise known as original equipment manufacturers, or "OEMs". The kill date came officially on October 22nd, which was Windows 7's first birthday.

The news comes as little surprise to most, given that Microsoft had already cut off options to pre-install Windows XP back in 2008. (Source:

Windows 7, Vista Can Be Downgraded to XP

Some fans have continued to enjoy access to the uber-popular Windows XP -- particularly users of low-end PCs like netbooks, and especially those who couldn't (or didn't want to) run Windows Vista.

And yet, it will still be possible to get a Windows XP machine -- just not right off the bat. Users who continue to demand to have Windows XP can perform the downgrade from Windows 7, as that option hasn't yet been given a firm kill date.

The downgrade to Windows XP process requires users talk to Microsoft support during the activation process by phone; there, an agent can assist users to regress their Windows 7 or Vista key towards taking a step back in OS time.

Official Windows XP Support Deadline: April 2014

The most cemented dead-end date for Windows XP, then, remains April 2014, when Microsoft says it will no longer provide any support for users of that OS. Past that date, the software company will no longer be able to help XP users who encounter problems with their software.

No Software Patches for Any Windows OS Beyond Support Deadline

The April 2014 deadline also means that there will no longer be software updates for Windows XP, which means if you're still using the operating system beyond this date, any exploit found will not be patched by Microsoft.

Simply put: if a hacker finds a security hole in Windows XP and you are hit with that exploit (by visiting a malicious website, for example), your computer will become instantly infected. The same holds true if you're using any OS no longer supported by Microsoft, including Windows 95, 98, NT, etc.

Windows 8 Due 2012

In case you're not satisfied with what Microsoft has done with Windows 7, take note: a recent blog on a Dutch Microsoft blog indicates the company is currently hard at work on Windows 8, which is slated for release in two years time. (Source:

Besides the date of its release, little else has become known about Windows 8 since so much of Microsoft's key personnel remain quiet on the topic. However, rumors thus far suggest a critical new feature will include an Apple-like app store to coincide with the release of other, non-PC Windows-related products like slates and portable multimedia devices -- and even cars supporting Windows 7.

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